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UKIP calls for revalidation and CQC inspections to be halted

The A&E crisis could be eased by reducing the time GPs are having to spend on paperwork, according to UKIP.

The party said it would support reducing working to targets and box-ticking and suggested GP time should not be clogged up with doing appraisals, revalidation, CQC visits or attending CCG meetings.

In a statement, MEP and UKIP spokesperson on health Louise Boers blamed the Labour Party for the ‘tick-box data collection culture’, saying it was ‘no wonder’ some patients were having problems getting a GP appointment.

She also warned GPs work ‘11-13 hour days’ and any more work would lead to GPs getting sick or leaving the profession.

Ms Boers said: ‘Heading instead to A&E is not necessarily the best course of action but people worried about their health, particularly if elderly or with young children, understandably want to be seen sooner rather than later.

‘Just imagine how many more patients could be accommodated if GP’s (sic) across the country were freed from the data collection burden. Most GPs are working 11-13 hour days and simply cannot do any more and extra stress will just lead to them going off sick themselves or leaving the profession.

‘While the emergency crisis continues if GPs were absolved from doing any of the routine work such as attending clinical commissioning group meetings, chronic target-chasing, appraisal work, revalidation, CQC visits etc they could be freed up to see acute emergencies.’

However, Ms Boers also blamed immigration for the pressure A&E departments are facing. She said: ‘With nearly 250,000 new people coming into the country each year our health services are at breaking point and the impact of uncontrolled immigration must not be overlooked as contributing to the crisis.’

The current Government has announced plans to slap a 150% charge on non-EU patients accessing NHS treatment but the BMA has warned this may lead to doctors having to waste time acting as ‘border guards’.

Readers' comments (43)

  • they are only saying what we all think and on this point re cqc,and increased paperwork i would agree

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  • being an Img: I firstly agree that all GPs/health care professionals should speak English. I had to give IELTS exams to prove despite having studied in English speak school and country since birth. EU Drs do NOT have to adhere to similar standards and hence do not misguide what N Farage had said.
    secondly with the above: UKIP are definitely right.

    I had my re-validation last year. clogged >200 credits-just to show the level of studies and reflection we already do. the appraiser checked 60 and stopped. got revalidated without any concerns.
    I still have not received the answers to below from my appraiser:
    1. how many GPs are seriously dangerous and will they be able to catch any one of them via the system.
    2. cost vs benefits of going through revalidation. the money spent on appraisars, my time devoted to writing reflective essays : does it justify anything?

    30 patients seen yest, 4 visits, > 35 phone calls as was also duty dr. + path-results and hospital letters pending.

    well done UKIP for standing up for GPs.
    Thank you

    Dear Pulse Editor can you please pass my msg to the L Boers.

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  • Can you (by means of a glossary) give a working definition of the term "right wing" a) in the context of UK politics as a whole and b) the context of this article.You could begin: "A right-wing political party believes in 1...2...3...[insert political stances]" On the other hand you could just be using it as a short-hand pejorative.

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  • I will be voting UKIP, the only party with a positive message for GP land,also living in a Tory safe seat would like to give the incumbent over confident MP a scare(a lot of my patients seem to be supporting ukip)

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  • Anonymous | GP Partner | 07 January 2015 4:34pm

    "Perhaps patients should be expected to speak English to be able to register as an NHS patient, or pay for their own interpreters?!?!"

    I think you missed the sarcasm of my original post.

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  • Ah, what a 'good' idea - stop revalidation (demonstrating that knowledge and skills are being maintained to support delivery of a good standard of practice) and remove the need to attend those pesky meetings (oh, haven't a clue what's going on now) and fill out paperwork (should all be electronic extraction surely)

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  • Paradoxically, Dr Shipman was a much liked GP which just goes to show that you can have all the scrutiny in the world but if you are helpful, sincere and pleasent, you can get away with murder.

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  • "Demonstrating" being the operative word, ie just proving what we would be doing anyway (as professionals). As for the plethora of meetings and paperwork that have engulfed the profession in recent years, please consider that unless you are working as a GP, you are not really in a position to understand how much of it is necessary and how much is needless tedium detracting from time available for patients.

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  • I was thinking of voting for 'non of the above',but UKIP gets it now.

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  • Great, now I agree with something UKIP said. Am I turning into one of them? My life is over.

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