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GPs buried under trusts' workload dump

UKIP calls for revalidation and CQC inspections to be halted

The A&E crisis could be eased by reducing the time GPs are having to spend on paperwork, according to UKIP.

The party said it would support reducing working to targets and box-ticking and suggested GP time should not be clogged up with doing appraisals, revalidation, CQC visits or attending CCG meetings.

In a statement, MEP and UKIP spokesperson on health Louise Boers blamed the Labour Party for the ‘tick-box data collection culture’, saying it was ‘no wonder’ some patients were having problems getting a GP appointment.

She also warned GPs work ‘11-13 hour days’ and any more work would lead to GPs getting sick or leaving the profession.

Ms Boers said: ‘Heading instead to A&E is not necessarily the best course of action but people worried about their health, particularly if elderly or with young children, understandably want to be seen sooner rather than later.

‘Just imagine how many more patients could be accommodated if GP’s (sic) across the country were freed from the data collection burden. Most GPs are working 11-13 hour days and simply cannot do any more and extra stress will just lead to them going off sick themselves or leaving the profession.

‘While the emergency crisis continues if GPs were absolved from doing any of the routine work such as attending clinical commissioning group meetings, chronic target-chasing, appraisal work, revalidation, CQC visits etc they could be freed up to see acute emergencies.’

However, Ms Boers also blamed immigration for the pressure A&E departments are facing. She said: ‘With nearly 250,000 new people coming into the country each year our health services are at breaking point and the impact of uncontrolled immigration must not be overlooked as contributing to the crisis.’

The current Government has announced plans to slap a 150% charge on non-EU patients accessing NHS treatment but the BMA has warned this may lead to doctors having to waste time acting as ‘border guards’.

Readers' comments (43)

  • Cathy Cook you have no idea. Don't comment on GP issues if you are not one.

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  • That seals my vote for UKIP in May - a refreshing dose of common sense

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  • Well done UKIP. Cut paperwork and tick boxes. I applaud this but how much money would be saved if we all did this Hospitals, Commissioners (who seem to think of success by producing the longest documents they can, and even the NHS England.
    Is it time to raise money by charging Hotel Charges in Hospitals, not for Healthcare but everyone has to pay for food and Laundry at home !!
    I am not a UKIP Voter but I applaud them for the most appropriate comment and measures so far. Well done.
    Perhaps all these comments should go to Downing street as a positive contribution.

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  • Well done UKIP! I'll definitely buy Nige a beer if I see him.......

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  • The coalition government have nearly destroyed General Practice following on from an unsupportive Labour Government.
    I think that we should do all we can to support UKIP who are the only party that gives any hope to our profession.
    I will be doing my best to make sure that the sitting MPs in the Southampton area are not re-elected.
    Bring on the revolution!
    Peter Goodall
    Southampton and New Forest

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  • I am doing 12-13 hours a day, and this is without the CQC preparations, appraisals etc. this is just seeing patients, visits and all the paper work what comes with it, like lab reports, patient notes, referrals, hospital letters. And this is all within the 12 hour day, so am I the only one who doesn't see any positives in UKIP's election speak? And does everyone conveniently forget that voting for UKIP is also voting against migration, multiculturalism and the benefits this has given England for so long?!

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  • I have retired from practice, but will happily return part-time for a few years if CQC inspections and Appraisal are withdrawn.

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  • Spot on

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  • You do not have to be a GP to have some insight into what works and what does not (to a previous anonymous comment). Sometimes, views of colleagues in other professions can see from the outside looking in. Views could be very insular otherwise.
    I am dismayed that the NMC have copied revalidation for nurses as in my observation and experience it clearly has not wheedled out one or two GPs I can think of. Showing examples of learning and passing extra qualifications appears to demonstrate nothing as to whether that professional bothers to apply it and has the right attitude.

    I am not likely to vote UKIP but I do not think they are anti immigration and anti mult-culturalism, just a better balance for a small overcrowded country. I have worked with some hospital doctors and GPs I cannot understand, and also been subjected to cultural oppression (and so has my Asian female friend) because we are women and also as nurses, by some, considered inferior. I suspect doctors may not experience this form of bullying, but as nurses we may see an alter side to some cultural behaviours that some dare not portray to others.
    More recently, I have had the pleasure of more recent GP trainees whose behaviour is respectful and more collaborative in their way of working and this has been a refreshing experience.

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  • Will hold my nose, cross my fingers and vote UKIP if they stick to this.

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