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The waiting game

Hancock hints indemnity scheme could be paid for with GP core funding

Exclusive Health secretary Matt Hancock has hinted the state-backed indemnity scheme - due to start in April - could be funded using GP core funding.

Speaking to Pulse, Mr Hancock said his priority was stopping the cost of indemnity from spiraling ever higher, but when questioned on funding he said the ‘costs have to fall somewhere’.

NHS England is looking at where the money for the long-awaited scheme will come from, as part of the next GP contract negotiations, he explained.

Asked whether the state-backed indemnity scheme will come out of GP core funding, Mr Hancock told Pulse: ‘Clearly the costs of indemnity have been rising sharply.’

‘Those costs have to fall somewhere. And our goal is to stop the rise in those costs and I very much hope that we can support GPs in making sure that system works far better in the future,’ he said.

Mr Hancock continued: ‘The exact nature of the future, where the future liabilities, where the cost of it sits as opposed to the risk, is tied to the negotiations around the GP contract.'

‘NHS England is leading on that,’ he added.

An NHS England spokesperson said: ‘NHS England is supportive of the Government’s proposal for a state-backed indemnity scheme for GPs and is working closely with Department for Health and Social Care on its implementation.’

The BMA said it could not comment on the indemnity scheme, including the issue of funding, as negotiations were ongoing.

Readers' comments (36)

  • RCGP soon to declare full support for the scheme no doubt.

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  • David Banner

    In 2017, when the dire warnings on spiralling indemnity costs were everywhere, Hunt cleverly booted it into the long grass by putting off the decision until 2019. Now we are here it is obvious there will be no meaningful financial support. Is anyone surprised?

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  • Go on Hancock, make my day.

    Announce next year's contract will have reduction in global sum and let's see how many practices will hand back the contract

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  • AlanAlmond

    the scheme comes in in April and this chump is going about 'hinting' about how it might be funded. he doesn't know yet..he doesn't know yet how it's going to be funded, but he's 'hinting'! clueless fool! WTF it's going to be WORSE than what we have already, a compulsory NHS scheme funded out of GP income, deducted in advance from core funding in ADDITION to another compulsory non NHS scheme paid for directly by GPs - basically also coming out of core funding. it's going to actually cost MORE than we currently pay. it's like they identified an issue and have decided to introduce a scheme that would make it even worse, whilst simultaneously shitting on us by making out they are helping! you couldn't make it up. what a total bunch of salad tossers.

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  • Rob Peter to pay Paul.

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  • I heard Hancock being interviewed just prior to the Brexit vote and he came across well. I suspect he has a good understanding of the GP predicament but it's just there isn't the wide enough political imperative to do much about it at this stage.
    Things need to fall apart more as they most inevitably will - its just a matter of time before eyeball to eyeball we are both seeing white.

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  • AlanAlmond

    Rob Peter to pay Paul...more like Rob Peter to pay Peter

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  • Another triumph for the BMA negotiators.

    Please, just stop paying the BMA subs, they are not our friends, they are not on our side.

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  • I left the bma late last year when they came out and backed eu remain agsinst the will of the people, I have saved quite a bit of money so far....

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  • Alas, and oh so very predictably, it’s more like Rob Peter to pay Peter!

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