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RCGP hits back at claim that GPs are 'overpaid' and 'whingeing'

The RCGP has hit back over claims that the ‘Put patients first: back general practice’ campaign for fair funding for general practice amounts to ‘overpaid GPs whingeing’.  

In a letter to The Times, which wasn’t published,  RCGP chair Dr Maureen Baker and Dr Patricia Wilkie, president and chair of the National Association for Patient Participation, have said Times columnist Dr Alice Thompson’s central assumption is ‘completely wrong’.

Dr Baker says that GPs ‘are not asking for higher pay’ but instead asking for a greater proportion of NHS funding to recruit more nurses and GPs to cope with growing workload demands.

Dr Baker says: ‘In her article, Ms Thomson quite rightfully says that GPs want an awful lot more money for general practice – billions in fact. She is also right to say that family doctors already receive a good wage.’

‘However, she is completely wrong in the central assumption behind her attack that the purpose of our campaign for more resources is in any way to increase the pay for family doctors.’

‘We are not asking for higher GP pay. We are, however, asking for an increase in the proportion of NHS funding for general practice so that more GPs and practice nurses can be employed.’

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  • Hazel Drury

    So what's wrong with higher pay? Are we not worth it? :-(

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  • I have to say Maureen baker has been very poor so far.

    "She is also right to say that family doctors already receive a good wage"

    She did this on the daily politics when the interviewer incorrectly stated that GP's earn a wage of 100K. Maureen baker did not correct her.

    Now I seem to think that she does not understand the difference between a salary and a partnership profit (before tax etc). There are plenty of partners who are taking home very very little. Please wake up Dr baker.

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  • Is Alice Thompson a doctor?
    A number of months ago she also wrote a vitriolic article about doctors, unfounded in reality but a typical 'pot-shot'. I was tempted to cancel my digital subscription to The Times, and am closer to that decision.
    Her derogatory headline and poor quality of content deserves her to be held up for libel!

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  • Yes, good point, are we really on a good wage? With all the grief we encounter for the failing NHS, because the 'consumer' is always right and must complain to get their way, whilst they contribute generally very little to the NHS, we should be earning more.
    Until the BMA and RCGP implement an open resignation from the NHS, encourage withdrawal from OOHs, we will continue to be seen as weak and easy targets.
    No wonder so many are retiring early, leaving the country or not even considering a career as a GP!

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  • cancelled my subscription to the times over a year ago. if you think what she wrote was bad, read the public comments!

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  • Its interesting - if GP's are earning so much. why are so few juniors considering it and those that do are going abroad?

    Its a very easy answer Maureen. As to the comments - they do attract a certain type of times customer.

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  • We are all tainted by those colleagues who have managed, by whatever means, to increase their income way above intended net remuneration.These outliers are what interests the hostile Press.

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  • It was an appalling article - and a rehash of one she did only a few months before. The usual public service haters were out in force - I often post but it does get a little dispiriting!

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  • Just beating a dead horse.We lost the public relations battle a long time ago.Unlike the post war generation the modern public is spoilt.It's used to getting everything free at point of delivery.The only thing that will bring the British public to its senses is when GP practices start closing up and down the country.For this reason let's hope that the recruitment and retention crises worsens because ironically our only salvation may lie in that.

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  • Awful article and awful pathetic response from RCGP.

    Again peddling to the myth that all GP's are well paid - compared to whom?

    Far too many partners are on very low drawings ( not salary Maureen!).

    General practice is the only efficient part of the NHS without the financial black holes found in hospital medicine. We should be using these skills to upgrade quality of work everywhere.

    But we do need RCGP to find some competent leaders - not the current crop of rudderless bureaucrats

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