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Dementia care will be best in Europe within three years, says Hunt

Jeremy Hunt has promised to make dementia care in the NHS the best in Europe by the next election, in his first major speech as health secretary.

Mr Hunt said he wanted to use his predecessor’s reforms to ‘change the culture’ in the NHS and improve the outcomes of patients with major diseases, including dementia.

Addressing the Conservative Party conference in Birmingham today, Mr Hunt said he also wanted to escalate the use of technology within GP surgeries to enable online booking of appointments.

He also warned managers he was talking with the Care Quality Commission to make them more accountable for the care that is provided in hospital.

Mr Hunt replaced Andrew Lansley as health secretary last month, but has been accused by the opposition of being ‘invisible’ since then.

But in his first major speech since that appointment, Mr Hunt attacked the Labour party and vowed that he would see through Mr Lansley’s reforms.

He said ‘[Andrew] Lansley’s reforms are brave, they are right and they will make the NHS stronger.

‘If Andrew was the health minister who set the structure, I want to be the health secretary to help change the culture and the system to make it the best healthcare system to look after people in the world.’

He further said he wants the UK to have the best survival rates in Europe for major diseases, including having the best dementia care in Europe by the next election.

 He said: ‘I want to see a big change in the way we look after people with dementia.

‘With the right care and support people can live well for many years. However shockingly less than half of cases are diagnosed. Which means thousands of people doing without the medicine that can hold the condition at bay.’

‘The Prime Minister established the dementia challenge: to radically improve attitudes, treatment and research. I want us to raise our game further – and say by the next election we will be among the best in Europe at dealing with this most challenging of conditions.’

He added that access to technology needed to be improved, including giving patients access to their records and the ability to book GP appointments online.

He said: ‘The final challenge I will mention is the technology revolution which has barely touched the NHS… Why can you book a hotel online but not make a GP appointment?’

‘The Prime minster announced on Saturday a new £140m fund for nurses. That is a good start but we need to do much more.’

He also hinted at further repercussions for hospital managers delivering bad care.

He said: ‘As of today I have asked my department and the CQC, how can managers be held accountable? And as of next year hospitals will be assessed on how many patients would recommend their service to friends and family.’

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Dr Mark Porter, Chair of BMA Council, said the plan to improve dementia care was welcome, but the NHS reforms had made it less likely that this could be acheived.

He said: ‘We agree with him on the massive importance of meeting the challenges posed to the NHS by the ageing population, but elderly care in particular requires a joined-up, collaborative approach. 

‘The changes currently being implemented in the NHS in England will generate more competition and more fragmentation.’

Readers' comments (5)

  • I love internet bookings etc my patients keep moaning about appointments this will reduce to great extent I feel. Some patients has to keep calling for hours from early morning and in the end when they reach receptionist either they have to hear that all appointments booked no more available or her face bad behaviour. One patient recent she was crying due to one of receptionist attitude. Thanks to Mr Hunt for saluting for GP's and doctor's dedication and commitment in his speech. I have a feeling that he would be a good health secretary let us see.

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  • Let common sense prevail

    Well, Mr Hunt clearly likes a challenge.
    At present our nurses and carers don't have enough time to feed and water dementia patients or keep them clean, but in three years we will be the 'Best in Europe'. How we are going to achieve this? By diagnosing lots more people at an earlier stage of the disease. I'm not sure how that is going to help. And of course we are going to do this with no extra resources (money), in fact with a lot less.
    Mr Hunt, in your maiden speech you have clearly set out your stall: you will promise things that you have absolutely no hope of delivering.
    Wouldn't it be lovely to have just one politician who could speak honestly and with integrity?

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  • So where did we say that we are going to be looking after these dementia patients?? On acute care/EMI wards!! And offering them what exactly, medically I mean? A bed, some sedation, food that they may forget to eat, drinks that they forget to drink - whilst the health secretary and government whistle and kick the social care proposals into the long grass. I have not seen anything that healthcare currently has to offer the dementia patient or their families - just an ever confusing circle of wards, GP visits, etc. By all means increase the proportion of patients going to memory clinics, but in terms of the old AIDs question, after diagnosis, what. Really healthcare professionals, we need to stop asking for more funds for things we cannot deliver and hand over some of the pie to the things that matter. As for primary care and the offer for dementia .....

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  • Tom Caldwell

    Hunt is clearly as deluded as Lansley. The change the Tories are looking for is to hand out NHS contracts to their financial supporters in the private medical providers.

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  • I can only assume Hunt is going to ask Mr Murdock do fund a privately run social care to these patients (and charging the nation a ransom for it) .....

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