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Labour calls for a GP in all major A&E departments

Labour has said it would put a GP in major A&E wards to deal with extra pressures over the winter if it were in power.

Party leader Ed Miliband set out a five-point plan for how he would tackle a crisis in A&E that happened under a Labour government, including getting practices to share free appointment slots and putting GPs in major A&Es to treat non-emergency patients.

He told the Daily Mirror that he would also put more nurses in NHS 111 call centres and stop the closure of walk-in centres.

In a health debate in Parliament, Labour shadow health minister Luciana Berger asked: ‘Will the Minister accept that his Government have made it harder to see a GP, and have caused the A&E crisis in the process? Will he respond to Labour’s call for GPs to be placed in major A&Es to help ease the pressure?’

In response, heealth minister Dr Dan Poulter repeated his claim that ‘under this Government, we have put in place an extra 1,000 GPs’.

The Labour Party has said it would restore patients’ right to see a GP within 48 hours.

Readers' comments (24)

  • at last some common sense policies.

    I have faith that politicians are 'on the ball' and will solve the crisis that lazy overpaid GPs have caused.

    we just need to scrap EWTD and allow the GMC to state that duties of a GP will be to work 24/7 7 days a week covering a&e, primary care, secondary care, care homes, workplace, patient's homes etc.

    only problem - politicians may find there are no GPs left :(

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  • What a dimwitted lying moron Millipede is. Where is he going to get these GPs he will put in A&E?

    And where oh where are these free appointment slots that practices have to share out?

    Where are the nurses for the call centre? it's a struggle to get a practice nurse, and our district nursing service is near melt down due to staff shortages and no applicants.

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  • " Labour shadow health minister Luciana Berger asked: ‘Will the Minister accept that his Government have made it harder to see a GP, and have caused the A&E crisis in the process?"

    Take note all you Labour voting GPs, the Labour party blames you GPs for the A&E problems.

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  • Sorry, I fail to understand why putting a service into A&E to deliver care to people who are inappropriately using the service and 'jumping the queue' of others who patiently wait for appts is the right response.

    Fine, but turn up to A&E, and be deemed to be not an emergency - either pay to see the in-house GP, or return and book your own appt with your own GP.

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  • Nothing to see here off you go.
    1) He'll never be in power
    2) The tories have shut so many A+Es that they'll only need a couple of GPs to man them
    3) Patients will be self refering for everything to consultants so they'll be no one in A+E except for a few old GPs with hypothermia clutching their cardboard shelters and carrier bags contatining a faded BNF, an old stethescope and a promise of a gold plated pension.

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  • A friend who works in A&E says that the place is like the wreck of the Marie-Celeste when the big match is on TV. So perhaps Mr Moribund could persuade Sky etc to broadcast matches at times of anticipated high demand in A&E. Or he could just educate his grunting, low-brow electorate (and Mr J Hunt of course) re the appropriate use of A&E services.

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  • Did he not know that in some places there are already GPs working in A&Es but it hasn't helped. And what will one GP do????
    Absurdity at it's limits......opening of new '' A&E GP Clinic'' which will get clogged on day 1 by all those unable to get appointments from all the Surgeries in that catchment.
    Fund existing Practices appropriately and get the services where they are at present. No other way out.

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  • When will the politicans man up and tell the truth?

    It's not lack of clinicians in AED that's causing the problems, it's inappropriate use of AED by patients and inabilty of the politicians to endorse clinicians to say "No feck off, it is not emergency or an accident".

    Just today alone, I had a patient who came late (ell over the appointment time), demanded to be seen there and then or they will attend AED as they know this will hurt the health system (they even had a cheek to mention this to me). I told them it will be inappropriate attendance and I will see them at end of my surgery - you know what? I had further complaint as they didn't feel they should have been "made" to wait for 3 hours!

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  • Its not just about adequate funds. More important is tackling the inappropriate patient demand, as it is their 'wants' that are being serviced rather than true medical need.
    It's time to charge patients for appts, especially DNAs. Certain problems, no chance of NHS treatment, pay for lifestyle issues such as sports injuries. Be seen to take some semblance of self-responsibility for health, rather than looking for a quick-fix prescription or medical certificate because they can't be bothered to work.

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  • how about we start with having GPs in GP surgeries !

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