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At the heart of general practice since 1960

Andy Burnham: ‘General practice has been a prime casualty of the NHS reforms’

The shadow health secretary tells Pulse that primary care funding has been particularly badly hit through the introduction of the Health and Social Care Act

Readers' comments (9)

  • Despite my reservations about the 48 hour commitment I am inclined to vote for Labour. If the Conservatives are returned to power the GP service has no future.

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  • seems they have unwittingly, or wittingly?, missed the point. This is not new money this is only money drawn from rducing hospital attendance and has all the integrity of the Better Care Fund in fact it just sounds like the Better Care Fund, something already being poopooed as unachievable. If you believe this nonesense then you'd be the kind of fool that believed the coalitions reforms were in order to improve the NHS! This seems like the kind of bribe that the coalition offered for GPs to take all the blame for trust business development and increased need. Is this a go to your GP they will ration care (rather than those who generate income by providing necessary care), within the financial constraints we set them? Nothing new here other than an extra target, to beat GPs over the head with, of the kind Francis warned against. if hospital care is too expensive solve the problem not shuffle the responsibility elsewhere!

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  • Vote for Labour, all three main parties are identical in their incompetence. Andy Burnham still thinks MTAS was an achievement!

    All three parties have too many vested interests who are circling over the NHS like vultures.

    Surely we need to get behind another political voice - just don't ask me who!

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  • Key words - 'destabilising the general practice'
    Underfunding, unnecessary re-organisation, shutting down valuable services, Investment in general practice helped with recruitment issues,
    ............sounds like all GP friendly talk, can labour deliver?

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  • The Germans have a word for it:-


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  • I don't think he has any idea to be honest ...Labour's answer to any problem is micromanagement. Gordon Brown couldn't stop himself ... remember extended hours was his personal pet project...Milliband?..his will be 48 hour access (he's already laid that one on the table) There aren't any politicians who have any proper understanding or the guts to actually fix the funding disparity between primary and secondary care. To politicians the NHS is hospitals and A&'s too easy to dump work on GPs without funding it and the spin the media..actually fixing the issue takes understanding and guts...politicians of all parties don't get elected if they have these get elected by your ability to spin BS on TV.

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  • As a Labour Party voter- I am totally disillusioned with their understanding of the NHS and General Practice. Politicians don't have a clue! Wont vote for Labour at the next election. Never have and never will vote Tory. Lib Dems hopeless.

    Dismayed GP

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  • They are out of power and will offer any number of lies to get back in. Do not trust them.

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  • They'll say anthing to anyone to get a vote.Don't trust'em

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