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CAMHS won't see you now

Staff locked out as bailiffs repossess practice

Staff and patients arriving to work at one Black Country GP practice were locked out of the surgery after bailiffs repossessed it without warning earlier this week.

Locks on the Coombswood Surgery in the West Midlands were changed on Tuesday morning and a repossession orders posted in the window stating rent had ‘persistently not been paid’, the BBC reports.

Patients with appointments scheduled at the practice are being seen at the other premises in the Stourside Medical Practice partnership while the practice and commissioners work to ‘understand what has happened’.

NHS Dudley CCG director of membership and primary care Dan King told Pulse: ‘Dudley CCG received notification on the 31 May that the practice could not operate from the Coombs Wood Surgery site in Halesowen.’

‘All patients are being seen from one of the practices’ other sites in Halesowen. We are working with the practice to understand what has happened and why they were not made aware of this issue with the landlord in advance of the closure.’

He added that it was ‘disappointing’ that patients had been affected in this way.

This is the second West Midlands practice to be closed without warning in a month, the Raynor Road Medical Centre in Wolverhampton was shut by CQC while waiting for pledged emergency support to materialise.

Keeping the lights on

Pulse’s ‘Stop Practice Closures’ campaign has been calling for emergency funding and support to be made available to practices struggling with workload, recruitment and financial issues.

The campaign claimed a major coup last Summer when Jeremy Hunt announced the formation of fund to support vulnerable practices and invited practices to submit bids.

The overhauled £46 million scheme was put out to tender by NHS England last month, and will include coaching and mentoring support for practices identified as ‘vulnerable’ and help in diagnosing their problems.

The scheme had been delayed after NHS England’s own measurements identified more than 800 practices that would need to share the original £10m fund.

Readers' comments (13)

  • it's ok 5YF will save it.

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  • There a closing public toilets and GP surgeries.

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  • This comment has been removed by the moderator

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  • Yes the retired gps in their CCG will pay up.. I think
    They pay for failing practices as many good practices make savings.
    You need to work in Dorset where some practices earn £250 per patient .
    I thought there were high earners in the midlands too...
    What did they owe ? Don't they earn £150 k pa as in the paper I read

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  • what GP crisis?!!

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  • Never been a better time eh Maureen!

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  • Vinci Ho

    You get 'surprises' everyday.
    You are NOT surprised everyday .

    Perhaps the closure of these GP surgeries is only the tip of the iceberg of a political and economic 'perfect storm' . The bigger picture is still forthcoming .
    Instead of having a head-head debate in the midst of a civil war ,Lord Vader and Mr Justice had chosen to be interviewed by Faisal Islam separately on Sky . The former was accused of 'waffling' and scaremongering by a brave(remember our GP colleague confronting Agent Hunt on TV last year?)English Literature student (who actually said would vote Remain )and the latter was perceived as a 'nice' guy(wasn't quite the perception when he was the education secretary!) but with no substance . If these interviews took place 14 months ago , there would be not a single doubt of who was the winner. As Tarzan Heseltine confessed , Lord Vader was more popular than his party to win the General Election .
    That was then , this is now .
    One of my mates asked me the other day about the betting odds on Brexit and the current poll rating. My information was still in the timeline of early weeks of May and already out of phase with the latest. Ladbrokes , for instance , is giving an odd of 9/4 , slashed from 7/2 earlier on , for Brexit. And most of the polls are currently suggesting very close call between Remain and Leave(around 40% for each camp). Interestingly ,my mate said he would believe bookies more than the media polls!
    It is fascinating(instead of surprising) simply because most of the big organisations and establishments had come out to vocalise their support of Remain; Bank of England , IMF ,US government and even music industry etc. So why are we still seeing a phenomenon of an underdog gaining more momentum, considering the Leave camp was in fact holding very weak argument like NHS would get extra £100 mils(modified from previous claim of over 300) every week?
    My same old argument : bankruptcy of trust and credibility of this Vader-Ozzy(Agent Hunt on the wing) government . The criticism from the English Literature female student on Lord Vader was nothing far from the truth about his dishonesty and bullying behaviour. Not surprisingly , she was labelled as 'rude' instead by his sympathisers.
    Perhaps both camps are lying and this referendum has simply turned into a protest vote as people are fed up with Lord Vader and his government.
    Two persons are desperate to do the 'right' thing at the 'right' time . Mojobojo and JC. The former kept the card very close to his chest deliberately discouraged any speculation of what would happen when he became PM . The latter wanted to keep a stance as such no matter which camp would win , it was the fault of the Tories.''When the snipe and the oyster fight, it is the fisherman that reaps the reward''. JC clearly wants to be the fisherman. The other political player wanting to 'cash in' on Brexit is obviously SNP pushing for another referendum in Scotland.
    Question remains exactly what could happen if Britain does leave Europe? Prediction is difficult merely because every small change will set off a chain reaction of various short , medium and long term consequences . And everything will have advantages and disadvantages until arriving at an equilibrium with time. One really cannot underestimate how much attention people are paying on this referendum globally . In fact , many foreign enterprises are probably watching and waiting with at least two sets of strategies ready for any result to the referendum.
    Devaluation , depreciation of the British pound or sterling seems inevitable . In fact , that may still happen if Remain camp wins by just a small margin. So may be one should stock up some foreign currencies e.g. US dollar right now ! Yes , a shrunk sterling looks ominous with imports more expensive and inflation will go up.But perhaps the sterling has been too strong for too long ?
    With inflation , the shackle of locking interest rate at historically low will be removed . Wages can only go up as a chain reaction. Yes , we will be up against opportunist like George Soros possibly attacking the sterling with a sell off.One thing which is clearly different from the Black Wednesday in 1992 with European Exchange Rate Mechanism(ERM) is ,both inflation and interest rate are both extraordinarily low . In fact , we are mostly more at risk of deflation than inflation . I am no economist but even they would agree that it is always only about by chance ,the right thing happening in the right circumstances . But who knows what is really right or wrong?
    Perhaps we do need some melodramatic stimulant to reinvigorate the stalemated machinery.
    But which Pinocchio would you believe?
    What comes around , what goes round , Mr Vader. You only get what you deserve.......

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  • Could happen anytime anywhere. Because of a simple reason that it is not possible to make practices (or any other business) economically viable if the owners ( in our case, GPs) have no basic rights over any business decisions- tariffs, workload, list size etc. All these things are dictated to us by people like hunt or proff. field while GPC agrees and rcgp welcomes instructions.

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  • A cunning ploy to close an unwanted branch-surgery, whilst avoiding the usual death-by-bureaucracy that accompanies any dealings with NHS England?

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  • agree with above. probably cuts all the red tape and uneces paperwork/meetings if you shut up shop as per the story.

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