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CQC issues closure notices to two GP practices

Two GP practices face closure from the 1 April after they were issued notices by the Care Quality Commission stating that the regulator intends to refuse their registration.

The CQC told Pulse said there were concerns, either raised by the GMC or by the practices themselves, about the standards at the two practices, but they had been served the notices because they failed to respond to correspondence from the regulator.

A CQC statement said today: ‘To date two “notices proposing to refuse registration” have been issued; the applicants affected have 28 days within which to challenge and appeal against the CQC’s decision.’

The CQC spokesperson added that the CQC hopes to resolve the issues with the two practices before 1 April and that 95% of practices have registered before the 1 April deadline.

The Health and Social Care Act, which comes into effect on 1 April, gives the CQC the power to close practices it has concerns over.

Adrian Hughes, head of registration at the CQC, said: ‘We are delighted with how well GP registration is going; a great deal of work and consultation went into designing a registration process which is as user friendly as possible, and it is good to see this has paid off.’

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Readers' comments (34)

  • Stuart Calder

    Reading this report and the comments posted subsequently, I have decided that in the past year I have inadvertently found myself in a parallel universe, where the normal rules that govern life in the NHS seem to have become subtly perverted. Much as I try, I can't seem to find any way back to my previous reality, and so the only solution seems to be to adapt or go under.........

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  • so many anonymous reponses!why are most GPs so ashamed they dont use their names!

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  • Richard,

    It is because we try very hard to ensure our agendas and political views are kept separate from day to day patient care but people may take the comments here out of context and accuse us of acting politically, rather than fairy and just.

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  • Get GPs into everything else except seing patients. Can they No to anything.

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  • I agree the ethos of CQC, there should be checks to ensure practices are delivering quality and hygiene etc, I dont agree that we should have to pay for this. I am not worried as I see CQC as a supportive role.

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  • Carpets are not the only issue, but if they can get bodily fluids on them i.e. a child vomiting in your waiting room, then they are an infection control risk. The CQC would not issue these notices lightly, and if the GMC is involved it is likely that there have been significant complaints from patients and possibly staff whistleblowing. Surely 2 out of how ever many there are in the UK is nothing to worry about.

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  • Dr Mustapha Tahir

    The CQC owe a duty to other GP surgeries, to publicise the standards failed by those two surgeries, without mentioning names. That will be helpful to other Practices yet to submit their registration.

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  • I've also read all the previous comments and find the usual mix of common sense and hysteria. If ever there was a demonstration that knowledge is power - this is it!
    Regarding the two practices , it seems that there may also be concerns about them from quarters other than the CQC. If it is true that the practices have not yet engaged with the CQC, I hope that the notices jog them into lifting their heads from the sand and that they get working on sorting out the issues.
    I personally don't have an issue with CQC standards being applied to practices - indeed I think it about time. The vast majority of GP practices will have no problem with compliance, but I have no doubt there are some which could do with a shove in the right direction. Badly run practices let us all down.

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  • Thank you so much to James Hedges from CQC for clarification. I have to say that I did email the CQC for specific answers and did not get them.
    Would've be kind enough to comment on electric doors? We already have double doors and a totally flat entry to the surgery.

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  • CQC would have no issues with having or not having electric doors, if people are able to access the surgery I cant imagine that being an issue that an inspector would ever raise!

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