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CQC issues closure notices to two GP practices

Two GP practices face closure from the 1 April after they were issued notices by the Care Quality Commission stating that the regulator intends to refuse their registration.

The CQC told Pulse said there were concerns, either raised by the GMC or by the practices themselves, about the standards at the two practices, but they had been served the notices because they failed to respond to correspondence from the regulator.

A CQC statement said today: ‘To date two “notices proposing to refuse registration” have been issued; the applicants affected have 28 days within which to challenge and appeal against the CQC’s decision.’

The CQC spokesperson added that the CQC hopes to resolve the issues with the two practices before 1 April and that 95% of practices have registered before the 1 April deadline.

The Health and Social Care Act, which comes into effect on 1 April, gives the CQC the power to close practices it has concerns over.

Adrian Hughes, head of registration at the CQC, said: ‘We are delighted with how well GP registration is going; a great deal of work and consultation went into designing a registration process which is as user friendly as possible, and it is good to see this has paid off.’

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Readers' comments (34)

  • Does anyone know what they 'failed' on? I am trying to get some guidelines about the requirements for the inside of my surgery in order to ascertain whether I really have to do all the seemingly ridiculous works that the PCT have ordered. (They admit that these are their own interpretation of the rules). The CQC guidelines are so vague and just talk about safety and suitability.
    I have a modern, purpose built twenty year old surgery and have been told to fit electric doors and rip up all the waiting room carpets. I can't get a definite clear answer from the CQC.

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  • The question is if the CQC closes the practice is the GP partners still accountable for redundancy payments to the staff. Alternatively if we all disengage from CQC what can the government do.
    CQC is of course "delighted" at getting so much money for nothing!!!

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  • #1
    I assume that your PCT has only just "discovered" these issues following transfer of responsibility? If a purpose built surgery 20 years old is unsuitable it seems likely that most practices in the country will have to close for renovation in April.

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  • I wonder who will be required to foot the bill for any changes that may be required to the GP premises that are owned by the PCT? Will the GP be required to find other suitable surgery or just retire?

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  • I am very surprised not many more GP surgeries has been order closed down before just based on lack of hygiene...

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  • If a practice closes because CQC have recommended refusal of registration (and I am sure this will not be done with undue cause - in these cases a lack of reponse and engagement) then responsibiiity for redundancy payments should lie with the GPs as the employer of the staff.

    Patients will expect a GP practice to attain certain standards. Where these are not maintained then the practice deserves to be closed. These standards will never stand still and it is normal part of running a business that things must change at the expense of the business.

    Just go and ask any 'normal' business not molly codeld like a GP.

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  • Surely, the one thing that we could ALL have done to take industrial action without affecting patients in any way, would have been to refuse to register with the CQC. Whydid our leaders not suggest this as a patient-friendly way to express ourselves?

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  • Has the CQC actually been to and inspected said practices or is it just their rumbling beaurocracy and failure of response to paper chase

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  • Bit worrying this, does anyone know where these two are ?

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  • #1 We were told by the CQC staff at their London briefing that they were being used by the PCTs to impose PCT standards that CQC had not imposed (like carpets being ripped up). The PCTs have no say in your CQC registration. For things like carpets, CQC say you are bound by NHS Infection Control Standards, and if you meet these, you are compliant. My understanding of these is that carpet in a reception isn't an infection control risk

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