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GMC announces small increase in fees for 2016

The annual GMC registration fee for doctors is set to rise by £5 to £425 in 2016, the regulator has announced.

It has also said that it intends to freeze registration fees for newly qualified doctors and doctors in training, at £200 and £90 respectively.

The fee rises comes as a result of the regulator looking to embark on a ‘major change programme to help the organisation achieve significant cost reduction and support more effective ways of working in the future’.

Niall Dickson, chief executive of the GMC, said: ‘We are determined that any rise in the annual retention fee will be kept to a minimum. The level of the ARF next year will be just over 1% above what it was in 2010. This small increase and the steps we will take as part of our efficiency programme are necessary to make sure we remain financially sustainable as an organisation.

’Overall we are in good financial health and it is important that we stay that way. Like other organisations in healthcare, we are in a challenging financial environment. However, we are determined to be good stewards of our registrants’ money – which is why we need to make sure our income keeps up with our expenditure but also continue to cut our costs.’

Last year, the GMC announced an 8% fee rise for doctors from April 2015.

Meanwhile, Pulse recently revealed that GMC would be introducing another range of new fees and increased charges, which it said would particularly affect international medical graduates and GPs who are working overseas and want to maintain their GMC licence.

Readers' comments (10)

  • Hellll no!

    Why? So it costs more to see how much less it would cost them to run it if they were efficient like the rest of us.

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  • I am a UK doctor currently in Canada. I intend to remove myself from medical register as soon as GMC increase their fees. Good thing now is that - Canada pays so much better than UK - so there is no chance i am coming back to the UK.

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  • "Overall we are in good financial health and it is important that we stay that way" - Niall Dickson

    Here's the thing Niall- nobody else is in good financial health! Government, health boards, GPs - all feeling the pinch. Yet the GMC sits there in gilt towers pontificating and counting it's money while figuring out new ways to get in everybody's way.

    What the heck do I actually get for my £425?

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  • For your £425 you get someone to judge you and give you an increased suicide risk. I'm going to look at Canada, somewhere you can be a good doctor without having to be sad, save your patient cards and compliments to prove you are doing a good job.

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  • This disgusting parasite of an organisation which feeds of the blood of good doctors is so keen to be in good financial health while not caring about that of its many victims.

    Some people must be more equal than others.

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  • Reading this made me think straightaway of the quote 'a rose by another name would smell as sweet..' from Will Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.

    To paraphrase Juliet 'a turd by another name would smell just as s""t' & I can now reveal that that name is GMC and the smell is extortion.

    Disgruntled GP Partner (3yrs)

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  • I would like to see all doctors refuse to pay this medical witching hunting band. They provide a 'public service' - to persecute doctors, why on earth are we doctors funding them!

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  • Pay more to have multiple jeopardy, higher risk or suicide and losing your livelihood. Give anyone in the whole world with an axe to grind the ability to "raise conserns" about you (even if they have never met you and are not your patient) which will duly put your revalidation on hold, have a lengthy pointless which hunt against you started , your employers informed and a question mark put over your reputation. Well worth paying the extra £5 for all these extra "bonuses".

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  • I also cannot see why we are forced and blackmailed to pay the government in this way. So I stopped and changed professions.

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  • There has been no increase whatsoever in our fees,for "" how many years", honestly I, do NOT OR CANNOT RECOLLECT" when the last time it was announced!!
    Then adding insult to injury,GMC in spite of being in good health,has announced increase !!
    Out of so many negatives about G.P and their on going difficult and complex working lives,one bigger one is the introduction of CQC & even they have announced unlike GMC, not a small,but I believe a mega increase in the fees next year!!
    Yes ,why would a young doctor want ever to be a GP and work here,and therefore ,some of them are even opting to work for charity rather than for NHS!!

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