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GMC to consider legal changes to improve FTP process

The GMC’s newly appointed mental health expert, Professor Louis Appleby, will advise the regulator on ’further legal changes’ it could make to allow it to improve its fitness-to-practise (FTP) process, Pulse has learnt.

In an interview with Pulse, the GMC’s chief executive Niall Dickson, said that Professor Louis Appleby – who has been recruited by the regualtor to review its FTP process – will advise on potential legal changes that it might seek from the Government to improve its processes.

Professor Appleby was recruited by the GMC earlier in the month to interrogate the GMC’s fitness-to-practise procedures to ensure that it is more ‘compassionate and sensitive’ to the needs of vulnerable doctors – following the publication of last year’s GMC review that found 28 doctors had died while under investigation.

Mr Dickson told Pulse: ‘We’ve already started mapping our process very carefully and look at each individual stage that we go through.

‘And what we want Louis to do is to review that process and advise us on further things that we can do within our current legal powers, and also advise us if there are further legal changes that we might seek from the Government in order to try and make the system better.’

Readers' comments (8)

  • So the GMC want to seek new 'Legal changes' ??? Sounds like they want to use this process as an excuse to get more powers over doctors as how can they know they need more powers if Louis Appleby has really only started looking at this issue since the beginning of the month?

    Surely they should be reviewing and adjusting their own proceedures not seeking new legal ones, unless they already have a hidden agenda they want to move forwards on.

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  • Don't trust these bums!

    The GMC are engaging in an arse covering exercise that will be nothing more than boxes being ticked and more needless deaths.

    They just want to show that they have procedures in place, that's all. After that they will simply show they have looked at what needed to be done and ensure they're are shown to have done it and wipe their hands clean once more.

    Classic institutional obfuscation and protecting itself from further criticism.

    See the game being played out here folks ? The gmc should not be appointing anyone to look at its procedures, there should be an independent investigation and enquiry looking into these tragic deaths which the gmc have deflected as "doctors with already severe mental health issues"

    He should be bought before a select committee and made to grovel for his arrogance.

    Anyway folks take the advice of an early 30s ex GP partner who emigrated from the uk and is now firmly out of the reach of these is sweet now these people cannot touch me...take a chance you might just save your own lives

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  • This comment has been moderated.

  • Vinci Ho

    As I said in the other article , would like to know the response to this legal sinario:
    Where does the responsibility lie if duty of candour is suppressed by counter-allegation through GMC FTP proceedings and as a result , brings harm to the public ?

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  • I fully agree with the ear lie respondent that this is nothing but filling up the gaps and who to the doctors that GMC is helping the doctors. It is not only the investigations the letters to the doctors are so harsh that they would make the doctor depressed the moment he/she receives it.
    The terms and conditions need a thorough change.
    They are out dated and should be in the favour of doctor and patient both.

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  • they they decide to use "COMMON SENSE" it would be a giant leap.

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  • proff appleby please do read comments made by, over 100 gp on death of dr james h who killed himself before facing gmc. it will be very useful

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  • Lois Appleby has done some good work in the past.he is a psychiatrist so hopefully he hasn't been corralled into the resilience he not on the CQC too?

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  • He has held research grants totalling £15.5m from the Wellcome Trust, MRC, Department of Health and other NHS sources.
    Louis leads the Centre for Mental Health and Safety, investigating suicide and self-harm, violence and forensic services. Its findings have been the basis of Government policy on suicide prevention and are widely quoted by governments, professionals and charities.
    From 2000-2010 Louis was the Government's National Director for Mental Health to lead a national programme of reform in mental health care in England and from 2010-2014 he was National Clinical Director for Health and Criminal Justice.
    Director of the National Confidential Inquiry into Suicide and Homicide by People with Mental Illness.
    He leads the National Suicide Prevention Strategy for England.
    He is a Non-Executive Director of the Care Quality Commission, the NHS regulator.


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