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GPs increasingly say CQC inspection does not benefit patient care

The percentage of GPs who think the CQC inspection regime provides any benefit to the quality of care they provide to patients has fallen by 15% to according to the regulator’s annual provider survey.

The report shows 57% of 333 GP respondents ‘believe the way CQC inspects and regulates is very, fairly, or slightly beneficial to the quality of care received by people’, down from 66% in the last survey.

Increasingly practices think inspection provides no improvement to care quality, with 43% saying inspection was not beneficial compared with 33% in the last survey.

A CQC spokesperson said: ‘It’s positive that the majority of GPs felt that the inspection process was beneficial to patient care.’


Readers' comments (9)

  • Dear All,
    Its not just GPs, its patients as well. Our PPG ex chair described their report as "misleading" and of "no benefit for patients".

    Oh and what do we think of a regulator dong its own feedback?

    A principled honest and open regulator would commission an independent assessment wouldn't they?

    Paul C

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  • Stevens Stormtroopers. Unfortunately this acronym had worrying precedent so they morphed into CQC, even though in a certain light Darling Steven could pass for Herman Goering.

    How does spending 3 months of my limited non-clinical time checking the hep b status of our bin men and laminating our recycling policy possibly help any patients?

    Jobs for the boys.

    And they wonder why everyone is leaving.

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  • 33 years full time GP, plus almost as many on the LMC, so I am not a tick box nazi, but I do find my work for the CQC fascinating to see how different Practices tackle the human condidition.We find many examples of excellent work but we also encounter working practices that are unsafe. Ultimately our objective is to protect patients. In my experience, the overwhelming majority of Practices have appreciated this external review.

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  • 20 years as a GP and I started helping with these visits just over a year ago. It was indeed fascinating to see how different practices looked after their staff and patients but at the end of the day the process was too flawed for me to continue this work. The lead inspectors are too interested in minutiae and do not accept or recognise when there are dangerous clinical issues eg blood results being looked at by the nurse ( who was on holiday) and results left from the previous month with Hb of 9. When I pointed this out as being unsafe I was told I am being too harsh! On other occasions practices issuing warfarin with no idea what the INRs are. These things are swept under the carpet .... These are the things that affect patient care and not the dates on paper curtains and protocols that are never read.

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  • I quite enjoyed our recent inspection, and certainly the thigthening up of policies prior to that has felt useful. Felt like a good teambuilding exercise! Quality and reasonableness of the inspection-team is important ofcourse and might vary....

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  • |Anonymous | Sessional/Locum GP|26 Feb 2016 10:49am
    How sad your experience with CQC did not work out. Hopefully you will see they have moved on a bit with the inspection process.

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  • CQC inspections are variable-which is beyond description.There is never any appreciation of good and hard works done by the practice.It is inspection to demoralise you and give extreme grief to practice-do they ever realise how difficult it is find a good staff and after training to retain them-so much emphasis is on policies,procedures etc.When nine out of ten hospitals are struggling to find nurses-GP SURGERIES staff will walk out and go to work for ASDA rather taking these nonsense any more and GP's will be sitting alone in their room!

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  • CQC is a truly terrible organisation which does nothing whatever for the vast majority of practices which are well led and provide good patient care. I guess if there are some poor practices, then CQC will root them out, and we should all be grateful.
    However, our own experience of inspection (having bees assessed as "good" across the board despite having numerous "above average" assessments within the report) is that it is a very variable feast with inconsistent results, subjective judgements and sound bite reports.
    The cost of running this underwhelming organisation is an extortionate and unwelcome burden to General Practice and we should make a stand and refuse to pay.

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  • My experience as a cqc assessor has found a variety of practices, mostly doing a good job, some excellent and others unsafe. My experience of the lead inspectors is that they try to ignore minutiae unless there are multiple problems. If it is a breach of regulation there is no choice about reporting. I have never found inspectors brushing unsafe practice under the carpet.I have done a revisit to a practice who had required improvement and done a fantastic, if tough job,of sorting things out. They had been unawareof significant problems with their practide manager. Is it worth the investment? Not for me to judge but there is some good work going on out there

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