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GPs to face 8% rise in GMC fees from April

GPs face paying GMC fees of £420 a year to renew their licence, after the regulator announced a 7.69% increase – the first rise in five years – at its board meeting today.

The rise in GMC fees comes as an Freedom of Information Act request revealed that six senior GMC staff members are paid more annually than Prime Minister David Cameron.

GPs currently have to foot £390 per year for registration with a licence and £140 for registration without a licence. However, that cost has been cut or frozen for the past five years as a result of the ‘challenging times’ being experienced by doctors.

But GP leaders have said that the move to raise the fees is ‘disappointing’, and that ‘every penny counts’ to balance practices’ books.

And the FOI response, obtained by Pulse, reveals that six GMC officials including director of resources and quality assurance Neil Roberts, director of fitness to practise Anthony Omo and director of registration and revalidation Una Lane, all earn more than Mr Cameron’s £142,500 salary.

Meanwhile, chief executive Niall Dickson tops the wage list, earning £225,000.

Other senior GMC figures earning more than the Mr Cameron include director of strategy and communication Paul Buckley, and interim director of education and standards Judith Hulf.

Mr Dickson said at the board meeting today: ‘For five years we have succeeded in cutting or freezing our fees – increased demand now means we need to restore it to the level it was in 2010, if we are to continue to meet our wide-ranging obligations. 

‘These responsibilities have increased substantially in recent years with, for example, the introduction of revalidation and the oversight of postgraduate education.’ 

GPC deputy chair Dr Richard Vautrey said before the increase was confirmed: ‘I think it is disappointing that they are now having to increase them again if that is actually the case. Practices are struggling and every penny counts as far as trying to balance expenses and competing bills that the practices are having to deal with.

‘So whilst in itself it might not seem that significant, all these things start to add up.’

Professor Sir Peter Rubin, chair of the GMC, said about its senior salaries: ‘Senior management team salaries are overseen by the remuneration committee on behalf of Council and published on the GMC website. The remuneration committee takes external specialist advice to ensure that we benchmark our salary levels against comparable organisations.

‘The salaries we offer reflect the fact that the GMC is a high performing organisation operating in a highly competitive environment. We also have to bear in mind that in the past 12 months, two longstanding members of the senior management team have left to work for other organisations as have a number of assistant directors. We need to offer the right salaries to ensure that we continue to recruit and retain high quality senior staff.’




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  • To see how angry GPs are...
    a) see how many comments there are.
    b) see how many have been moderated.

    I think there will be a QResign Score there somewhere.

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  • CCG chief clinical officers are in the slabs of 200k pa - We probably would need to chuck out the whole bureaucratic top in the government machine and especially in the NHS. This is an example of a purely parasitic relationship because when these people work - they actually seem to do more damage than good

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  • So inflation at 3 % per year ; = a pay cut of 30% over 10 years for us . To keep in line with our remuneration we should pay a third less .

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  • There is an upside.

    The more over regulation and punitive the sanctions, the greater the attrition due to early retirement, emigration, or the booting of doctors off the register (even though research suggests that processes may be legally unsafe - source CIVITAS, GMC Fit to Practice?) those left standing will be able to command higher wages.

    There is no more money. Market forces in the private sector will pay a dcotor more of their worth. Meanwhile, the bureaucrats and politicians (that have never worked in healthcare) that believe anyone off the street can replace GPs have not got the money to p*** up the wall to fund noctor training and recruitment to replace GPs in sufficient numbers. The boom times could well be on the way!

    Have to hand it to the medical profession for putting up with the GMC becoming a tool of he Dept of Health and being forced to pay ever more for the pleasure.

    If the report on doctor suicides is not favourable to the GMC perhaps they will not publish it and hope to get away with it on the basis that it will cost too much in legal expenses to force them to. If the High Court is not an option due to costs (with doctor fees funding the GMC so handsomely the GMC will not have a problem there) don't bank on a Parliamentary Select Committee holding the charity to account either. Unless, Sarah Wollaston could take up the cause. That just might be an option.

    The BMA will just keep banking the money and not do anything either. Or, perhaps the RCGP could do another one of their petitions...

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  • The GDC recently announced an increase in ARF of 67%, which takes it to £945. Out of the kindness of their hearts they have now reduced it to £890.
    The GDC are the worst performing Regulator and are facing a Judicial Review next Monday and an investigation by the PSA. Even a modest (by GDC standards) 8% increase is unwelcome and well outside the Government expected guidelines, I recommend you complain loudly. But you can have a little sympathy for dentists maybe!

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  • Very true..Dentists are treated even worse than doctors...The only way out is to go public for all doctors about over regulation and box ticking. This is the time to shout out can we gps give quality. The other day I had a 10 minute appointment with a lady who wanted to discuss 6 problems..30 minutes later, I landed up with a complaint from her...I cant cope up with this workload....thinking of australia

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  • All this is too much to fight against . I have left my partnership and feel happy and can sleep at night . The best thing that I have done for years

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  • GMC should be funded by government via tax payers as its there to protect patients from evil doctors .

    the GP and their leaders have no balls they are a group of weak divided and self interested eunuchs.

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