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Thousands dying in welfare reform Britain, pint of water aids weight loss and goths more likely to self harm

A round-up of the morning’s health news headlines

Nearly 90 people a month are dying shortly after being declared ‘fit for work’ under Britain’s post-welfare reform benefits system, the Guardian reports.

Department of Work and Pension (DWP) data, compiled in response to a number of Freedom of Informaiton requests, showed that 2,380 people died between December 2011 and February 2014 within a two weeks of being stripped of their employment and suport allowance (ESA) following a work capability assessment (WCA).

DWP only released the figures, which they said were not ‘causal’, after a ruling by the Information Commissioner’s Office.

Drinking a pint of water before every meal aids weight loss efforts, writes the Independent.

University of Birmingham researchers tracked the dieting efforts of 84 obese people over a 12-week period, finding the water-drinkers lost an average of 4.3kg compared to 0.8kg in the non-water-drinking group.

Teenagers who identify themselves as ‘goths’ are three times more likely to be depressed and five times more likely to self harm, a Lancet study covered in the Metro claims.

The research carried out at the University of Oxford looked at groups also including ‘chavs, populars, skaters and bimbos’ at age 15, finding the goths were most at risk of self-harming at age 18. ‘Sporty’ teenagers were least likely to be depressed or self harm.


Readers' comments (5)

  • This news appers to be scare mongering unless the detailed cause of death is given. Ther is no relation of these deaths for finding them fit to work unless they all committed suicide. Guardian is wrong in spreading news without proper analysis and reasoning.

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  • 90/month?!Analysis or no analysis that is a huge number. This surely suggests that benefits are being stopped prematurel. Those poor folk are obviously not very well. I wonder how many benefit cheats have been stopped to justify this death rate?

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  • @11:08
    What it suggests is that these people have been wrongly declared "fit for work" by a flawed process of assessment, having gone on to die 14 days later.

    It's not like they are generally "healthy" members of the population who suddenly had an MI - these people had been to the DWP specifically requesting help due to illness, disability or debility.

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  • How do we know that 90 a month is a huge number? It may be or it may not be. It needs to be considered in terms of how many people would be expected to die in a given 2 week period surely? Not sureall the stats are mentioned in the grauniad article but they sure aren't mentioned here so really there is no basis for such statements. People do die sometimes, you know. You can't blame the government for it them all.

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  • And in the "no s**t Sherlock category, the winner is the loon who thinks it is news that Goths are depressed and more likely to self harm. Not exactly renowned for a cheery disposition, are they?

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