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Gold, incentives and meh

Our CQC inspection felt like a royal visit - and was probably just as pointless

From an anonymous GP in Sheffield

The CQC inspection team has departed and we await the report with trepidation. It seems like a lot more than two weeks since we received the warning call of their impending visit. Two weeks of stress, paperwork, cleaning and lost appointments. As we approached D-Day things began to happen, items were removed or relocated, more instructions put on my wall, and by the end of it my room was a stranger to me.

Was the exercise worth the loss of appointments and additional stress on a beleaguered service?

Portable heaters, soap substitute and moisturising hand cream vanished, but a new coloured bin had appeared with detailed instructions on what items were to be placed in the different bins present. This confusion and disruption was all in the name of ensuring services are safe, caring and effective.

The practice was closed for a briefing on the afternoon prior to the visit. On the day the nursing staff were particularly stressed with their every movement being questioned and scrutinised, they felt they were forced out of their normal practice and behaving in an artificial way. It took another two weeks to get the practice back to its functional normality, and eventually the items that had been removed were recovered.

So, was the exercise worth the loss of appointments and additional stress on a beleaguered service? It felt like a royal visit, and was probably just as pointless, apart from the spring clean.

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Readers' comments (11)

  • Dear All,
    So follow me on the logic here. You shipped in all the rubbish and put up all the signs to make them think you comply. You were of course complicit. You'll get a glowing report and they think their efforts are bearing fruit.
    And for those of us who stand up to their nonsense, a very big thank you for support.
    Paul C

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  • Well I am single handed and an easy target for them to prove their worth.They would find it politically difficult to close a bigger practice so they concentrate on the smaller fish.Four of them for eight hours in a small practice.And the result...No female GP for the patients,No (proper)legionella assessment and other nit picks...result special measures.Practice nurse then quit.So when I have gone who will they bully?

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  • Yes single handed practices are targeted. I am now a locum in a large practice and the difference is incredible. I was in a pleasant place I could manage and run, I am now in a building with very little space and crumbling around me but it is a large practice and so will be kept open at all costs.

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  • They have to prove their salaries and job role. A power game also with tick box clip boards.

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  • So glad I am out of all this cretinous tick box sh1t. What a sad waste of good doctors to early retirement (me) or off abroad.

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  • Will medicine survive CQC and GMC and litigation. If all were like me and find it beyond tolerance [ and reduced funding from 11.5 to 7.2 %] and left, there would not be anybody.
    Thankfully, there are stoics out there who can take this complete nonsense and carry on.
    So, how many people have suffered in the past because we had no Legionella policy?

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  • Congratulations to Paul Cundy for his bravery. The rest of us, including the author of the article, have decided to go underground, fearing the North Korea climate created by INSPECTORS in their trilby hats and their black leather trench-coats. We dare not stick our heads over the parapet, because we know that our well-paid, ennobled "leaders" (BMA, LMC and RCGP) will stand by, overseeing the slaughter of the innocent.

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  • Dental practices have endured this overbearing big brother approach for a lot longer than the current 'Blitzkrieg", the early nineties in fact, and just look at the current state of NHS dental provision in the deprived areas of the UK.

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  • Well said , we went through the same. The nitpicking in our case had a significant element of intimidation. As for complaining - no point as they investigate themselves , do not do any quality control of themselves nor seek your formal feedback. Funny that....

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  • Any doctor who works for the CQC should be deeply ashamed of themselves.

    Why would you help the government do its dirty work?

    Were you bullied at school or do you have much deeper rooted feelings of inadequacy which you feel can only be vented by shitting on your colleagues?

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