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Time to put saving the NHS to the vote

Dr Hameed Din, Billericay, Essex, discuss privatisation

All the indications are that the NHS will gradually be privatised and we will have no power to stop it. The only way we can protect it is if we launch our own ‘NHS political party’ before the next general election.

I carried out a small survey on my patients, asking them what they would think if their doctors launched an NHS political party with a view to saving the NHS; 100% of my patients replied they would vote for it.

If you really want to protect the NHS, this is the only way. I’m sure we would be a third party, replacing the LibDems, and this would put us in the driving seat.

If such an initiative is not taken then the NHS is doomed to succumb to private providers. I therefore hope this suggestion will be given serious consideration.

Dr Hameed Din is a GP in Billericay, Essex

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  • Fantastic idea, I would support this!

    GP's are being crucified by a dictatorial uncaring government that haven't a clue what it ti like to be a GP.

    My GP is Wescliff Essex works flat out, he is kind and caring, there from early in the morning to late evening, he looks tired, exhausted, but always has a kind smile.

    I often wonder who stops to think about the life of GP's, how much quality time they get to spend with their families, rather than spend their rime re-boosting their energy ready for the next onslaught form this government.
    GP's are normal folk just like the rest of us but are expected to work like automotons, insulted by the government, trated like lazy employees and no matter how hard they work, all they get is criticism ... is it any wonder that nobody wants to be a GP in Britain?
    GP's are one of this countries this countries best assets, it is time they were shown some respect!

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