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GPs paid £90 an hour to deliver seven-day services

A seven-day access pilot hailed by the Government as a success story has revealed that it is paying newly qualified GPs £90 per hour to staff evening and weekend shifts, while other GPs said it was ‘getting harder’ to staff the shifts.

Seven-day pioneer Dr Ivan Benett revealed that that NHS Central Manchester CCG is paying £90/hour to staff the evening and weekend shifts, which are now being rolled out across the whole of Greater Manchester.

Dr Benett said at the Westminster Health Forum in London: ‘In Central Manchester we have, relatively, more training practices than other parts of the country so for us it has been easier to recruit GPs coming out of training, for example while they are settling down, wanting to find out what they want. So I don’t underestimate the problem and in Central Manchester we’ve been slightly protected from the problems.’

Dr Peter Graves, chief executive of Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire LMC, commented that ‘£90 per hour is somewhat higher than the minimum wage’ equating to ‘an annual salary of £176,000 if I have got my maths right (£90 x 37.5 hours x 52.14 weeks per year)’.

‘So the medical cost of this is £1,080 per day per doctor alone, without the nursing and management back-up etc. This is a very expensive service compared to the £136 average reported in Pulse in February (of which BMA claim 62% is running costs), therefore the average f/t GP is earning £103,360 (136 x 0.38 x 2000 patients) – and this is about what is reported by GPC.’

Dr Graves added: ‘The issue is that it is getting harder to get GPs to work unsocial hours; I know of several out-of-hours organisations really struggling to fill shifts. I guess the main reason is that the day job is now so hard and full-on that more hours on top is just too much for them.’

But Dr Benett told Pulse: ‘The payments are for extended hours, not for normal in-hours practice and so it doesn’t really relate to those sorts of sums. It is reasonable to pay extra for unsocial hours. Actually many partners recieve that sort of profit share anyway.’

Readers' comments (14)

  • For some reason, the previous comments (prior to the update of Pulse) have been lost.

    Ivan - simple question. What is the going rate for the OOH GPs in Manchester? Because if it is the same or less then this, you are directly reducing the workforce in urgent care; the ones that will end up in ED. As someone said earlier, I doubt treating someone's acne on a Sunday will stop the ED tsunami.

    There is one solution to relieving demand on ED/OOH/GPs/paramedics. GET RID OF 111. I can't believe this is not where your energies are directed.

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  • Hmmm so a patient with a nasty case of tonsillitis ends up going to A&E on a Sunday evening because the GP is too busy seeing his 7pm appointment for a patient with acne! Brilliant!

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  • This scheme is a total nonsense and a waste of money
    It undermines ooh
    Encourages inappropriate wasteful use of the nhs which is funded for need not decadent selfish wants
    Damages continuity of care
    There is absolutely no need--employers need to be forced to allow time for employees to have medical care
    Ludicrous how this politically inspired demagogic insanity is trumpeted as a success when it is not
    A ridiculous waste for a misplaced wrong priority
    If a certain fanatic complains about anonymous comment this is from a 25 year veteran go partner who has seen multiple non evidence based political schemes come and go and the subsequent starving of real care
    Anonymous posting allows real views to be posted which are strong
    Pray tell why no other health care system is as foolish to offer 7 day routine care
    Because it is a silly nonsense

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  • Why does Ivan endlessly and pompously accuse anonymous posters of being cowardly ?
    How insulting he is
    He should apologise
    This is a forum for the(trenchant) exchange of ideas
    Names are irrelevant
    Ideas are relevant

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