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GPs to be offered overseas placements and MBA funding in bid to alleviate recruitment crisis

GPs are being offered the chance to go on six-month overseas sabbaticals and given funding to undertake MBAs in leadership as part of a CCG’s radical bid to tackle the recruitment crisis.

NHS Hull CCG has designed a package of incentives aimed at keeping GPs in the area for six years and longer because it has been particularly hit by the recruitment crisis engulfing the whole of the country.

As part of the package, the CCG will find overseas placements for trainee and qualified GPs, will fund MBA or a Masters degrees in education or leadership and will give GPs the opportunity to work in different practices.

In return, GPs will be expected to work in Hull for six years, with a hope that they will remain locally after the end of the six years.

In Yorkshire and Humber, only 78% of training positions were filled this year, the third lowest in the country.

GP Dr Mike Holmes, who is associate medical director at the CCG, told Pulse: ‘It’s no secret that recruitment has been difficult in Hull which is an under-doctored area. We hope that we have put together an attractive package.’

The six years period will help with retention, Dr Holmes said, and enable GPs to get to grips with local issues and form a longstanding relationship with patients.

The sabbatical element of the package is something that Holmes ‘has not come across before’ and will enable doctors to bring experience gained abroad back to the UK to benefit patients here.

If the recruitment process proves successful it will be repeated next year, he added.

Earlier this year, Pulse revealed that health education bosses have overseen the worst GP recruitment round for seven years.

A report from a taskforce on the training crisis recommended radical solutions such as capping the number of training places available.

Along with GP trainees, practices are suffering from a dearth of partnerships – one in 10 partnership vacancies are know to go unfilled for more than a year while around 25% are vacant for six months.

Some practices have been forced to offer £20,000 ‘golden hellos’ to attract partners.

Readers' comments (14)

  • This is all stuff and nonsense purely gimmicks from desperate managers,if you pay a decent rate for the job doctors will flock back to primary care,it is down to Tory NHS cuts,none of this is an accident it is policy from the black heart of Tory HQ,notice how Hunt has shut up till the scots vote,no doubt he will pipe up next Friday

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  • It's not the pay, it's the lack of autonomy and job security now , considering you get paid per patient, by definition under doctored area should be getting attracting more highly paid and quality gps.

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  • Vinci Ho

    The truth is 8 months from a general election, no government currently will actively do anything to solve any ongoing problem . The opposition ones might make some 'promises' to lure some votes.
    In fact ,letting this crisis continue could provide a 'lucrative' battleground for the game of thrones. The 'yes' camp of Scottish Independence Referendum is certainly using it as one of the political agendas .

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  • A recruitment crisis means there is a shortage of GPs.

    The geniuses at the CCG solve the shortage of GPs by sending some GPs abroad or away on management, non-medical courses.

    Am I being thick or is there a contradiction between having a shortage and solving it by sending even more people away?

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  • Hey, send all unemployed GPs to Hawai for 6 month managemnt courses. When they come back, they will still be jobless as they will have no NHS left to lead:)
    And why just the unemployed? - Happily would have a trip myself - only my conscience wouldn't allow it.

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  • Come on folks, this whole thing is beyond daft. The Tories are dismantling a perfectly functioning system at between £3 and 4 cost to the DOH per consultation. They are dismantling it with pensions, imposed Contracts, seniority, impossible DESs and closing good surgeries by withdrawing MPIG.
    This is a calculated, cynical pulling to bits and bits, the best medical system in the world [WHO}.
    All this other stuff is pure stage managed bluster, bluff and badinage.
    The whole of GP land can be put together again by some proper investment.
    But soon, it will be like Humpty Dumpty, broken beyond repair.

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  • Using this principle they could send all GPs away for six months meaning the crisis in general practice would be solved for ever - apart from the six months when there would be no GPs at all in the country and the time after when a lot would decide to not to come back. I.e. the idea is idiotic. This is not party politics it is because, under successive parties general practice has been under-funded and expected to take on far too much excess work that the hospitals can't/won't do any longer. Young doctors do not want to do it and older doctors get out as soon as they can. Another gimmick by people who haven't got a clue what is going on in the real world !!

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  • It looks like idiots are controlling health care

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  • First of all I think we should get rid of CCGs as most of the GPs in CCGs forgotten that they were GPs to start with and behaving like lackys to Govenment may be hoping for Birthday or New Year Honours, Likewis get rid of the managers , and let GPs be GPs and treat the patients appropriately, , When it comes to health I do not think money should not be the priority after all if you are not healthy you are off work do not pay income tax and claim unemployement benifits instead this money is from the same kitty (treasury)

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  • Hull is the same place where practices offer £65 per hour for seeing as much patients as possible, I have decided to clean my toilet and garden instead of hiring handymen @90/ hr as its more economical; instead of working as a GP for next 1 week. From a GP in Hull

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