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Jeremy Hunt’s letter to BMA on the junior doctor contract

The health secretary has written to the BMA asking junior doctors to continue negotiations over a new contract.

Click here to read Jeremy Hunt’s full letter to the BMA Junior Doctors’ Committee chair

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  • I don't see why doctors should agree to work Saturdays as part of their normal working day. Nor evenings up to 10pm. If you compensate doctors for working anti-social hours, you compensate them for working outside the hours of 9-5 monday-friday. Whatever else *unt tries to sneak past the BMA, I'm not sure how he can get round that.

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  • Judge him by his actions not his weezel words.

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  • I would not believe anything from this man. I have worked as a GP in the UK and abroad since 1990 and he has to be the most dishonest SOS for health I can ever remember. I would continue with your ballot and strike proposals right up until agreement is reached. 'Speak softly - carry a big stick'. Above all check any agreement very carefully and enforce fiercely. Remember the 12 week rule for changes in the GP contract to only be used in a National Emergency. We seemed to have quite a few of those since it was signed.

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  • He imposed a Contract on GPs. Nobody said boo, because the we GPs cannot tell the difference between the GPC and the DOH and all sorts of BEs followed [ Like MBE].
    I am glad to see junior doctors stand up.
    The BMA forgets often that it represents the wellbeing of doctors and not the NHS.
    But strangely, if you do not protect doctors, there will be no NHS.
    Witness the decimation of General Practice since the imposition of the Contract.
    Time to take on Hunt. Let the nation decide if it wants doctors or politicians.

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  • Una Coales

    The government gave cast iron assurances that MPIG (Minimum Practice Income Guarantee) would exist forever. It has been stripped away. The government gave cast iron assurances that student loan repayments would be income based. It has changed the terms 'retrospectively' this year. In 1946, Labour Health Minister Bevan gave cast iron assurance legislation to the BMA that GPs would never become salaried civil servants. This government is now trying to make all GPs salaried civil servants for super practices by stripping away sustainable income from GP partnerships. And now in 2015 you are asked to believe that the government is giving junior doctors cast iron assurances their income will not be reduced after announcing a new contract which reduces pay and increases working hours? Conclusion: never trust a politician!

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