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Junior doctors ballot on industrial action begins next month

The ballot on industrial action for junior doctors and GP trainees over the proposed contract imposition will begin on 5 November, the BMA has announced today.

In a message to members, it said the ballot will close on 18 November, and the results will be announced soon after.

GP trainees and junior doctors have been told they will have to be registered and update their details by 23 October in order to be eligible for the ballot.

They are being balloted on the decision by the Government to adopt in full recommendations that will see trainees no longer being paid extra for Saturday and evening working.

Around 20,000 people marched on Parliament at the weekend in opposition to the proposals.

Under the plans, the Government will also remove the ‘GP supplement’, which sees GP trainees’ pay being boosted to closely match that of hospital trainees, who receive higher standard pay because they work more weekends.

In place of the supplement, the Government has proposed ‘flexible pay premia’, which it has committed to general practice in the first year, but with no guarantee GP trainees will continue to receive a premium beyond then.

Dr Donna Tooth, chair of the GP trainees subcommittee of the GPC and a GP trainee in Essex, told Pulse: ‘GP trainees who will be starting their three years of training from next August need assurance that their salary won’t be altered during the course of their training programme.

‘In light of the GP recruitment and retention crisis, we need assurances over pay for the longer term, not a short-term fix to appease current trainees.’

She added: ‘With regards to the upcoming ballot, I would urge individual GP trainees to be familiar with the DDRB recommendations and make a decision for themselves as to how this imposition may affect them and trainees in the future.’

Read an analysis of the junior doctors contract row here


Readers' comments (17)

  • Let's reserve the date and join them in their battle. Posterity won't forgive us for being passive at this crucial juncture.

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  • Vinci Ho

    (1) Absolutely understand what is being put on the table , hence what you vote for
    (2) This is your own future you are fighting for. Whatever other people (including people like me) say , is only for reference .
    (3)Only do and say the things you believe ...,,

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  • Vinci Ho

    As I said before , we are trained not to be judgemental and confrontational to our patients , we have NEVER been taught not to be judgemental and confrontational to politicians,full stop.

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  • The previous generation enjoyed their free higher education, cheap homes, high wages and final salary pension schemes, then pulled up the ladders to make sure they were on the last chopper out of Saigon.

    Good luck to them but we are on our own now.

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  • If they do not vote for strike action then the circling sharks will come back for more .

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  • Perhaps they should only strike in Tory constituancies .

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  • Juniors you must seize the opportunity to make this government to sit up and listen. Equally the BMA must not back down on this issue as they did in the 90's when I was a junior doctor. We have lost control of our profession, no other profession allows themselves to be pushed around as much as we are. A clear mandate for strike action will bring Jeremy to his senses and if not then perhaps he can be replaced by a computer today rather than in 20 years time!

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  • if junior doctors don't at least vote to strike then all is lost.

    quite frankly though can anyone honestly see anything improving ever in the NHS? get out while a UK Medicine qualification is still accepted worldwide. it won't be for long.

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  • People in the BMA who cosy up to the government in exchange for collecting their peerages and pensions could be in a bit of a fix if the juniors vote to strike. Given the scale of their inaction while GPs were being completely stuffed and sold down the river the BMA might have to actually do something rather than just keep collecting their members fees. If they don't or try to weasel out of this one they could see a collapse in membership. This could be a win win situation.

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