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GPs forced to manually enter achievement into CQRS until April

GP practices will have to manually upload their achievement to be paid for providing a raft of immunisations and directed enhanced services until next April, after NHS bosses admitted the IT system developed to extract the data is not able to cope.

The Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) emailed practices last week apologising that the Calculating Quality Reporting Service (CQRS) needed more time to ‘successfully deliver the QOF 2013/14 extractions’, forcing practices to manually submit data for a raft of new immunisation programmes.

The new manual uploads that will continue until next April include the childhood flu vaccination programme, the shingles campaign in the elderly and routine pneumococcal vaccinations. This is in addition to the current manual uploading of the learning disabilities health check DES and the vaccination campaigns for rotavirus and MMR.

Practices will not have to manually enter data for QOF 2013/14 as the CQRS extraction service will support this process. 

The CQRS system was meant, according to HSCIC, to save GP practices time ‘through the automation of recording, checking, submitting and approving achievement for the quality services it supports’, but LMC leaders have said it has added to the ‘borderline chaos’ around practice payments. This latest development comes after a range of payment delays and confusion experienced by GP practices since the 1 April handover from PCTs.

In August, GP practices were given a five-day extension for logging achievement against the learning disability DES after a CQRS problem meant practices were unable to submit claims.

A letter sent to all GPs by the HSCIC said: ‘We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience the continued need for manual data entry may cause to GP practices. This decision has been made to provide more time to successfully deliver the QOF 2013/14 extractions.’

‘To help support GP practices, CQRS has provided additional guides available on the CQRS website on how to manually enter data. We will also increase the CQRS service desk provision to help with any queries practices may have.’

Dr Brian Balmer, secretary for North and South Essex LMC and a GPC member, told Pulse that the issue with CQRS was ‘one of the many things impacting on general practice that is making it borderline chaos in terms of general practice payments at the moment’.

‘We told them that it was impossible to do everything in the timeframe proposed but they went ahead anyway and I think that NHS England is now really struggling,’ he said, adding that practice managers were ‘at their wits’ end’.

Russell Vine, chair of the Practice Management Network, said the problems with CQRS were contributing to there being ‘a lot of tired, depressed practice managers out there.’

Pulse revealed yesterday that GPs face a potential recruitment ‘timebomb’ to replace practice managers leaving the profession due to stress, with reports of a 12% increase in vacancies since January.

Which activities have to be manually uploaded?

  • Learning disabilities health check scheme
  • Rotavirus (routine childhood immunisation)
  • Measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) catch-up
  • Childhood seasonal influenza vaccination programme
  • Routine pneumococcal
  • Routine shingles
  • Shingles catch-up (aged 79)

Source: Health and Social Care Information Centre



Readers' comments (14)

  • Given that this is an HSCIC error, shouldn't they pay for the time involved in manually doing this? And given that this will take thousands of person-hours to fix across the country, shouldn't someone from HSCIC be held to account?

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  • Heads should roll.

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  • Incompetence at best...

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  • Under QMAS I used to spend no more than 10 minutes twice a year checking and entering a minimum of data. Now I am in CQRS (when it works) several times a month attempting to enter data, accept enhanced services. It was supposed to save time and energy but has ended up the opposite. I worry immensely about how accurate our final qof payments are going to be. No wonder so many PM's want out!

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  • The problem is that IT developers are idealists and are unable to se past the specification that's placed in front of them and simply ask "what if?".

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  • Before comment, can we apply some kind of electronic pesticide to get rid of bloody Daily Mail journalists who keep impersonating healthcare professionals on this site??

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  • The CQRS website is not currently working and will not allow us to enter any data. This is the third time that errors have stopped our practice from reporting data. Why stop the QMAS system which worked fine and replace it with something which doesn't seem to be fit for purpose ?

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  • CQRS (and by association GPES) was brought in to replace QMAS so that it could support the government agenda of extracting (you and I might call it stealing) GP data.

    No-one would ever have signed up to CQRS/GPES but they cleverly tied it to QOF so we all have to use it.

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  • There are a group of us in Surrey that cannot even access CQRS because....well we sit on the Surrey borders and belong to a Hampshire CCG and nobody from the LAT or CCG seems capable of deciding exactly where we belong from a CQRS point of view - this has been going on for months! Interestingly enough we seem to have an identical problem with the Primary Care Web Tool where none of us can make an e-Dec even though we have been told to complete this by 1/11/13. Both the CQRS and PCWT help desk point us towards the LAT while the LAT either doesnt respond or points us back to the helpdesk! What a mess.

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  • It is unfortunate that colleagues do not understand the difference between CQRS and GPES. And that the Pulse article is not accurate. CQRS is and will be a good system. It is GPES as a stand alone system that is not available to extract data at no fault of the CQRS Team.

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