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CQC set to cull 400 staff positions in cost-cutting drive

The CQC is planning a reduction of 400 full-time-equivalent staff positions by 2020, including reducing the number of inspectors.

The regulator repsonsible for GP practice inspections and ratings said the move would save £19m from the budget, for when it becomes entirely funded by provider fees.

The CQC's current budget allows for 3,400 FTE staff, but board papers released earlier in the week revealed plans to 'ensure CQC improves its efficiency and effectiveness with around 3000 employees... by 2020'.

As previously reported by Pulse this week, the CQC is planning an overspend of £700,000 on its primary care inspection budget up until the end of March because it will have to rely on additional staff, or so-called 'bank inspectors', in order to complete all inspections by an end-of-year target date.

But the board papers suggested that the cull in employed staff could mean falling back on bank inspectors to a greater extent, as it said this would mean 'drawing on its flexible pool of special advisors and bank inspectors'.

The papers said: ‘During this time we will see our main source of funding switch from the Department of Health to fees paid by providers.

'[W]e are therefore acutely aware of the need to use our resources as efficiently as possible to ensure we are providing value for money.’

It comes as the CQC is currently consulting on plans for massive hikes in GP practice fees as part of the mandate to make its inspection regime self-funding.

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  • 'Cull' sounds brutal:)

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  • Not brutal enough- still 3,000 of them;) Hope Field is among them.

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  • Shame.....

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  • We're the boys from the CQC,
    Come to torture the poor GP,
    You're underworked and overpaid,
    It says so in the Daily Mail,
    With clipboards raised and noses long,
    We'll soon tell you what's right and wrong,
    A protocol for this, a protocol for that,
    Have you safety checked your Welcome Mat?,
    We're petty, trivial, callous, unfair,
    Recruitment crisis? We don't care,
    We'll end the torture at our leisure,
    Then charge you thousands for the pleasure,
    To think your leaders let this happen,
    You might weep, we can't stop laughin'.

    Take you, break you,
    Slate you, hate you,
    Test you, stress you,
    Fail you, jail you,
    Kill you, bill you,,
    Put you down,
    Shut you down,
    Want to complain?
    Let us explain,
    You have no power,
    You useless shower,
    Can't you see,
    We're the CQC.

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  • I read about a cardiologist in West Midlands whose NHS Trust insisted on having 4 cardiology beds with only three of them equipped with the necessary cardiology equipment. He complained first to his Trust which did nothing and then to the CQC who simply referred his complaint back to his Trust. He then suffered great abuse and bullying with insulting announcements against him and his relief came from the Employment Tribunal which ruled that instead of following his specialist advice that all 4 beds should be equipped and that patients in the unequipped 4th bed were at great risk of death, the Trust instead set about threatening the cardiologist and blackening the cardiologist's good name and so the Tribunal ordered the Trust to pay substantial compensation to the cardiologist. I therefore count the CQC as grossly clinically and procedurally incompetent and it should be SACKED.

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