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Three practices to be put in special measures by CQC

Three GP practices will be put into special measures this week after being given a rating of ‘inadequate’, the CQC has said.

In board papers released before its meeting on Wednesday 21 January, the regulator said it expects to publish the first reports of inadequate ratings the following day, and has been working closely with NHS England to support the practices.

The CQC announced only last week that practices found to be inadequate by its inspectors will be immediately put in special measures, having previously offered them a six-month period of grace to improve.

The regulator had previously refused to register two practices, meaning they had to close down, as part of its original inspection regime.

But this is the first time that practices have been found to be inadequate as part of the new regime, introduced in October 2014.

The regulator has previously said that a pilot of the new regime had so far identified 200 practices that are ‘failing’, with a ‘handful of surgeries’ being shut down straight away and ‘scores more’ being given a year to improve.

Under the new procedures, practices are given ratings of ‘outstanding’, ‘good’, ‘requires improvement’ and ‘inadequate’, similar to the Ofsted ratings given to schools.

The CQC board paper said: ‘During quarter 3 [October 2014 to December 2014], 728 comprehensive general ratings inspections were conducted and 56 in quarter 4 to date. We have published 69 ratings reports, three of which were outstanding, 56 were good and 10 required improvement.’

It added: ‘We expect to publish our first inadequate ratings reports and identify three practices that will move into special measures on 22 January 2015; we are working closely with local NHS England teams, who will provide support for the practices concerned.’

Last week, the CQC said that there will no longer be a six-month period for practices to rectify problems before being put into special measures, although practices will still have a year before their registration is cancelled.

It has said that practices will have access to a range of support ‘at the earliest opportunity’, which is being developed alongside NHS England and the RCGP.

However, Pulse has previously reported that they could have to pay up to £5,000 to access such support.

The regulator first announced it was introducing ‘special measures’ for GP practices in August 2014.

The ratings are based on how well practices perform in a series of ‘domains’, such as how caring they are and how well led they are, with reference to different population groups, such as elderly vulnerable patients and families.   

Pulse reported yesterday that the CQC and GMC will carry out joint inspections on GP practices if both regulators have concerns about a practice, in a new agreement which aims to increase the sharing of information between both organisations.

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Readers' comments (9)

  • so, no period to address findings..........inspections should be geared up to help practices, and if improvement is not seen on re-inspection, or action plan to improve is inadequate, then subject them to special measures.
    Oh well, this smacks of "guilty until proven otherwise", yet again, when it comes to regulators.

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  • So what will happen to all the patients whose practices have been shut?

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  • Anon 5.49
    What happens to patients when their practice is deemed "inadequate" and terminated isn't the concern of CQC - however distant the next practice or however overloaded the local practices.
    I'm not sure *whose* responsibility future care of the patients will be: interesting to find out.

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  • Anonymous | GP Partner | 20 January 2015 5:49pm

    So what will happen to all the patients whose practices have been shut?

    - dumped on neighbouring practices of course! regardless of capacity

    - I'm trying to work out why the UK loves shooting down and destroying it most valuable things

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  • by inadequate you mean "ticked the boxes inadequate"?

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  • it is the plan by the government to get the CQC to cloae down practices in order for them to be run my MR hunt, also fine practices to raise money for the bankers.The CQC can make up any excuse to close a practice down

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  • Let us all unite in becoming inadaquate practices. Let's all be threatened to closure and see what happens. I'll gleefully still be seeing my humble 87 year old patient . Next they'll inspect my car for home visits. Ill put leftover wotsits and cream crackers allowed in my infection control policy.

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  • For every force there is an equal and opposite force.......

    For every forced closure there is an equal and opposite Private entity waiting to open!!

    There is an election looming...... and the government needs to prove it's strength in protecting the patient population from those nasty GP's who are only in it for the money that the equally nasty labour party threw at them when last in Government!!!

    Welcome to the world of Political Chess where GP's, sadly, are merely pawns.

    This time next year will will be adapting to the changes of the new Government (whatever form it takes), whilst whingeing about the previous (Whether that be Labour or the current coalition) and still complaining about the over expectations of patients, over regulation by the Quango's, underfunding of the NHS, the Daily Mail and yet still extolling the virtues of this wonderful system that was introduced as "free" at the point of need, The best in the world!!!!

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  • What ever happened to the last lot of Private sector "Bright Young things" that were going to take over the world and do us all out of our jobs.

    Chiver's McCray - what ever happened to them
    The partnesrship or the Practice or whatever they were called who then took over?

    Locally the private company who was running an historically struggling practice is no longer running that practice its now run by local GP practice.

    Circle - do you remember all their noise and their various meetings with the hospital consultants and how buying their shares was the receipe for quick easy loot - Post Cambridge will they be a NHS private poacher player anymore?

    I think we worry about the likes of Virgin a but like the boogie man - private sector isn't a real threat unless we can get an extreme right wing party into power like UKIP or some other right wing Tory party defectors coalition. With middle of the road Tories and Bart Simpson on the other side NHS will still be around in 5 years time with GPs at the centre of it still when it comes to taking the blaime for its short comings - and no I don't know this weekend's winning lottery numbers

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