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DH approves CQC fee increase despite opposition

The Government has approved new legislation that allows the CQC to increase their fees to cover the costs of inspections.

The CQC has already said that it is raising fees for providers, including GPs, because the Treasury will no longer subsidise the regulator’s inspection costs.

But a consultation by the DH to introduce the necessary legislation to allow the CQC to charge more has revealed that most health bodies are against the changes, and question the CQC’s value for money.

In a summary on its consultation the DH wrote: ‘The Department intends to bring performance assessments, and the comprehensive inspections that are carried out in support of these assessments, within the scope of the CQC’s fee raising powers.

’Respondents were not in favour of the CQC increasing its fees in general; had concerns about value for money, and about the potential to increase the scope of inspections.’

The DH document stated it expects the CQC to control its costs and set fees in line with the true economic cost of inspection, and the reduced number of follow-up inspections in future years could contribute this.

It finishes: ‘Subject to Parliamentary approval, the Government will now introduce a regulation that will give the CQC a power to charge fees for performance assessments and reviews carried out under Section 46 of the Health and Social Care Act 2008.

The CQC sparked outrage last year with a separate consultation over its planned fee increase which could see practices’ registration costs increase six-fold over two to four years.

But the Government has covered part of this increase in the latest funding uplift of 3.2% for practices.


Readers' comments (7)

  • One more turn of the screw.....

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  • I have no faith in CQC. I'd like to see this area opened up to competition as I believe the private sector could do it more efficiently. Perhaps our market worshiping leaders would consider this as an alternative?

    Looks like we're stuck paying for something of no value = a stupid tax.

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  • This is Draconian. CQC is a farce with box ticking that means nothing to coal-face General Practice and a huge impediment at most. This further reinforces DoHs desire to make sure General practice in particular and NHS in general teeters closer to collapse so they can be rid of it once and for all to the Private sector. This isn't democracy. This is Bullying from the very top.

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  • The pressure is on to destroy the system before the next election so the tories can benefit from the break up of the NHS not another party. So they need to introduce these pressures thick and fast (as they are doing) to keep the pressure up.

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  • Private Contractors like GS4, Virgin health what a lovely thought,cant wait for the day

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  • WE SHOULD BE PAID for day of cqc inspection as cost of locum and hopurs we put in to prepare, cqc should get there money fron dh. approving some else to charge some else is strange.
    i approve gp to get 20 k from dhss . would that apply?

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  • As before, this is Karma!
    GPs only have themselves to blame for this mess. If they had just accepted the regime and got on with it like every other profession, kept their head down and just complied, we would have got inspected by ordinary inspectors at ordinary salaries.

    But instead, there was protest after protest about incompetent inspectors so the CQC has covered their back by hiring a huge team of a GP overseers; well trained inspector; specialists; expert by experience.

    End result is you have pushed your own costs through the roof. Good job!

    GPs are guaranteed an income from a captive audience/patients, free of charge. We are a private organisation in all but name, and yet do not have to go out and tout for customers like other independents, and we even get paid extra to comply with quality standards via QOF.
    It's time to stop looking a gift horse in the mouth, else we will have worse. We should be able to demonstrate an even higher standard of quality than people like Dentists who pay for all this out of their own pocket and still manage to earn the respect and a hefty discount from the CQC.
    Watch and learn!

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