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In full: CQC survey results

The CQC’s report of its first 1,000 inspections led to a series of negative headline about GPs. Pulse asked around 300 GPs their thoughts. Read the full results here

With the CQC’s report today and resulting media coverage, do you believe the majority of GPs are being unfairly blamed for the failings of a small minority?

Answered question: 286

Yes: 271 (94.8%)

No: 8 (2.8%)

Don’t know: 7 (2.4%)

Do you believe your practice provides a safe and high quality service for patients currently?

Answered question: 286

Yes: 275 (96.2%)

No: 4 (1.4%)

Don’t know: 7 (2.4%)

When registering, did your practice declare non-compliance with one or more of the CQC’s essential standards?

Answered question: 272

Yes: 25 (9.2%)

No: 171 (62.9%)

Don’t know: 76 (27.9%)

Do you believe the CQC process as it stands is a fair way of assessing the quality of GP practices?

Answered question: 285

Yes: 34 (11.9%)

No: 212 (74.4%)

Don’t know: 39 (13.7%)

Do you believe the CQC process as it stands is an effective way of identifying poorly performing practices?

Answered question:  285

Yes:  44 (15.4%)

No: 200 (70.2%)

Don’t know: 41 (14.4%)

Do you have confidence in Professor Steve Field as the chief inspector of general practice?

Answered question: 280

Yes:  43 (15.4%)

No:  187 (66.8%)

Don’t know: 50 (17.9%)

Is the building your practice is currently based in of an acceptable standard?

Answered question: 283

Yes:  234 (82.7%)

No: 36 (12.7%)

Don’t know: 13 (4.6%)

Are drugs being stored safely within your practice?

Answered question:  284

Yes: 274 (96.5%)

No: 4 (1.4%)

Don’t know: 6 (2.1%)

Do you believe that your practice currently provides satisfactory access to patients?

Answered question: 282

Yes: 263 (93.3%)

No:  14 (5%)

Don’t know: 5 (1.8%)

Has your practice been through a CQC inspection so far?

Answered question: 284

Yes:  53 (18.7%)

No: 211 (74.3%)

Don’t know: 20 (7%)

If your practice has been through a CQC inspection process so far, to what extent would you agree with each of the following:

The inspection was thorough

Answered question: 60

Strongly agree: 13 (21.7%)

Agree: 20 (33.3%)

Not sure: 13 (21.7%)

Disagree: 7 (11.7%)

Strongly disagree: 7 (11.7%)

The inspection was fair

Answered question: 59

Strongly agree: 5 (8.5%)

Agree: 16 (27.1%)

Not sure: 19 (32.2%)

Disagree: 6 (10.2%)

Strongly disagree: 13 (22%)

The inspection was overzealous

Answered question: 59

Strongly agree: 16 (27.1%)

Agree: 8 (13.6%)

Not sure: 16 (27.1%)

Disagree: 13 (22%)

Strongly disagree: 6 (10.2%)

The inspectors were suitably qualified to inspect a GP practice

Answered question: 59

Strongly agree: 1 (1.7%)

Agree: 10 (16.9%)

Not sure: 22 (37.3%)

Disagree: 8 (13.6%)

Strongly disagree: 18 (30.5%)

Has patient care at your practice been negatively affected by the squeeze on GP funding over the past year?

Answered question: 283

Yes: 215 (76%)

No: 42 (14.8%)

Don’t know : 26 (9.2%)

Do you believe that your practice’s ability to provide patients with an acceptable standard of care has been jeopardised by the recent squeeze on GP funding?

Answered question: 285

Yes: 222 (77.9%)

No: 45 (15.8%)

Don’t know: (18 (6.3%)

Readers' comments (2)

  • GP's are working so hard but get nothing but criticism from all angles. GP's care about patients, that was what they trained to do, the more time they waste filling in bits of paper the less time they have to care fro patients!

    Strange how these over zealous inspectors grade some very dirty, untidy hospitals as 'excellent', yet think they have the right, with no clinical / medical background, to tell a GP how to run his practice?

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  • CQC sabre ratling to make up for its own past failures and beef up its public image. Patients in general dont like organisations denegrading "Their" NHS so may end up an own goal.

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