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Revalidation is changing clinical practice, claims GMC

Putting doctors through revalidation is changing clinical practice, the GMC has claimed.

A GMC-commissioned review found that, overall, 42% of doctors had changed their practice as a result of their most recent appraisal.

Although a majority of all doctors (58%) had not done so, the GMC said the findings showed that among under-50s around half did change their clinical practice following their appraisal.

The interim report, which comes as part of a wider three-year GMC review on the impact of revalidation led by the UMbRELLA group (UK Medical Revalidation Evaluation Collaboration), also found that:

  • Less than half of respondents agreed that appraisal is an effective way to help improve clinical practice.
  • Responding doctors were divided in their opinions about the impact of revalidation on appraisal, with less than a third believing that revalidation has had a somewhat or very positive impact on appraisal.
  • Around a third of doctors said revalidation has improved the appraisal process.

GMC chief executive Niall Dickson said findings that showed that ‘revalidation is starting to have an impact’, which he said was ‘encouraging for patients and doctors’.

He added: ‘But we cannot be complacent – both reports highlight issues which show the system can be improved. We want revalidation to be a positive experience and we want to maximise how it can contribute to high-quality and safer care.

‘At the same time, we fully understand the pressures that doctors are under and the different context they are working in.’

Readers' comments (23)

  • I would say appraisal and revalidation is REDUCING clinical practice and increasing bureaucracy!

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  • You are right its changing practice. Its making it far more miserable and less likely I want to continue working in the UK.

    So banks can have 'liught touch regulation' still and ruin the economy, probably harming/killing more people in the process, but doctors have to have the screwthumbs turned ever tighter.

    Sums up the UK.

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  • Exactly - who assumes 'changing clinical practice' is necessarily a good thing? I'm sure most mean this in a negative way - shifting to practising more defensively.

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  • sure, it does. both revalidation and appraisal are making clinical practice more defensive, which is not a good thing at all.

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  • The only clinical practice it is changing is taking people away from seeing patients and instead ticking boxes with pointless reflection, as well as writing SEA that can be used to massacre themselves in court. Hundreds of hours of clinical time lost to pointless beurocracy to hang one self.
    Ditch the country comrades if you don't
    Ditch the contract comrades

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  • I would like to see a figure of the number of doctors licenced before revalidation was implimented and then every year since it started till today.
    I left medicine as there was not a category for me under the new system and I wondered how many doctors like me either were forced out or have left directly due to revalidation.
    Where would I find these stats anyone????

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  • Well, well, GMC rewards itself with sweets from its own sweet shop!.........aagh

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  • There actually seems to be a growing body of evidence that this reform has harmed patients. This is unfortunate but sadly what happens in science when you go looking for evidence after the event. I was at a meeting yesterday and everyone was terrified of being sued, the legal profession having spotted a new gold mine of 'confessions'. Since this heavy handed, corrupt, unevidenced control regime was introduced we have seen a crisis unfold in the NHS greater than any time in its history. People are leaving or simply not starting, legal payouts are going up and the GMC has been telling depressed doctors to become more 'resilient'. Patients are finding they are waiting longer than before for appointments, resources are so tight that a record number of trusts are in dire straits. This is no way to treat a profession, we need a probe into who has benefited from revalidation and how much money has been missapropriated.

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  • Revalidation and appraisal has definitely changed my clinical practice!
    The time it takes up prevents me from doing anything useful for about a month beforehand

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  • I agree with the GMC-- Revalidation is changing clinical practice,

    Has changed my practice, I am leaving b4 my next revalidation. BYE!

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