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GPs buried under trusts' workload dump

BMA survey results on GP career intentions

See how GPs surveyed by the BMA feel about their careers

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When prompted further the survey found that almost half of GPs said they were taking or had taken action to change their worklife balance:


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Over half of all GPs that responded to the survey rated their current morale as low or very low:



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Collectively, the BMA survey found that more than 9 in ten GPs believe their workload to be heavy and over half believed their workload to be unmanageable or unsustainable.


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Readers' comments (4)

  • Personal GPs and proactive care, both current DOH priorities, is exactly how we practiced before we got drawn into this web of ticking boxes to look good.
    I have retired early as a result of losint the personal contact with my patients.

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  • If only half the GPs over 50 who say they are leaving do so the NHS will be transformed overnight and casualty departments will become the new primary care centres. Queues of patients will be knocking on the door of number 10 Downing Street ..just in time for elections.

    What may change GP's minds?

    Scrap: QOF/LES's/Pension changes//Tickbox medicine/Appraisal wasted time/CQC wasted time.
    Allow practices to decide clinical priorities with the resources freed up,no strings attached.
    MPs should spend more time legislating in tax and law to reward health living and punish the unhealthy lifestyle choices.

    Finally make it mandatory for the nations Health Secretary to have at least 20 years clinical NHS experience.GPs thinking of early retirement might apply!

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  • Anonymous | 25 March 2014 2:22pm

    Queues of patients will be knocking on the door of number 10 Downing Street ..just in time for elections.

    no they won't - GPs will be blamed for being greedy and will be resented for having the option of retiring. expect legislation from politicians to force GPs to return to practice, increase pension contributions to 30% and retire at 100 for the rest!

    only option - tear up nhs contract and move to private practice like dentists before it is too late.

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  • The third graph on this page regarding morale should, in my opinion, have the blue bar on the Left side. That way the columns are displayed in descending order. Currently at a quick glance it looks like most GPs have average morale as the column in the middle is where you would expect to find average. By putting the blue column on the Left side gives a clearer graphical view of the data.

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