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Pulse prides itself on its news coverage, and every day publishes exclusive stories on the NHS, primary care and the latest clinical developments.

Our stories are regularly picked up by national and regional newspapers and the broadcast media. Below is a selection of recent stories that were first broken by Pulse.

August 2017

Our Story: Nearly 40% of trainees intend to take on partnerships within five years

Coverage: ITVDaily Mail, Sun, Times, Cornwall Live

June 2017

Our Story: Oxfordshire GPs offered £1.5m prescription savings scheme 

Coverage: BBCTimesIndependantSunTelegraphMail

Our Story: GP appointment waiting times ‘to rocket towards three weeks’

Coverage: TelegraphTimesMailSun

May 2017

Our Story: Situation vacant: Pulse uncovers ‘staggering’ GP shortfall

Coverage: Sun

Our Story: New GP Services Can Take Pressure Off The NHS

Coverage: Huffington Post UK

Our Story: Jeremy Hunt’s promise of 5,000 extra GPs in tatters as vacancies hit highest ever levels

Coverage: Mirror

Our Story:  DOC WON’T SEE YOU NOW Desperate shortage of GPs as vacancies reach ‘highest ever level’ amid NHS crisis 

Coverage: Sun 

Our Story: We need another 5,000 doctors: One in eight GP posts is left empty after soaring numbers move abroad or retire

Coverage: MailGuardianTelegraphITV

Our Story: GP crisis laid bare: Number of doctors in England continues to fall despite £2.4 billion being spent by the NHS to plug the staffing shortage

Coverage: Mail

April 2017

Our Story: Retiring GPs fuel patient crisis 

Coverage: Telegraph

Our Story: Record GP closures force 265,000 to find new doctors

Coverage: GuardianTimes, BBC news site, MailI newspaperMirrorMorning star,  

Our Story:  DOCS TO OVERTURN FEE BAN? GPs want to demand EXTRA cash for treating their own patients privately

Coverage: Sun

March 2017

Our Story: GPs hit out at private screening checks as they say “needless” tests have prompted soaring visits

Coverage: Telegraph

Our Story: Private health companies urge pointless medicals

Coverage: Times

Our Story: Private firms are accused of ‘unethical’ health tests: Patients warned some checks are harmful and could lead to unnecessary surgery 

Coverage: Mail

Our Story: Security breach fears over 26 million NHS patients 

Coverage: Telegraph

Our Story: Data breach fear for 26m GP records

Coverage: Times

Our Story:  Patient records ‘leak’ Medical records of 26m patients at risk because of GP surgeries’ failing internet security

Coverage: Sun 

Our Story: GPs will consult nursing home residents using Skype

Coverage: INewspaper

February 2017

Our Story: Doctors shortage left 4 million patients without cover last year

Coverage: Guardian 

Our Story: Exhausted GPs shun out-of-hours work

Coverage: Times

Our Story: NHS out-of-hours services have been run without a single doctor in 1 in 10 areas

Coverage: Telegraph

Our Story: Four million patients are left without an out of hours GP: because trusts are unable to find doctors to work overnight and weekend shifts

Coverage: Mail

Our Story: Hundreds of thousands of patients left with no GP on evenings and weekends 

Coverage: Mirror

Our Story:  GP out-of-hours chaos Chronic shortage of doctors left FOUR million patients without cover last year

Coverage: Sun

Our Story: GPs say patients take offence when told they need to lose weight  

Coverage: Telegraph

Our Story:Third of GPs say their patients have become offended when told they need to lose weight

Coverage: MailSunTimesGuardianIndependent

January 2017

Our Story: NHS to recruit hundreds of GPs from Poland, Lithuania and Greece

Coverage:  Telegraph

Our Story:  GPs drafted in to send hospital patients home as patients asked to take on ‘daunting’ care duties  

Coverage: Telegraph

Our Story: Government urged to act as managers say NHS has reached ‘tipping point’ 

Coverage:  Belfast Telegraph 

Our Story: EU doctors offered £90k to work in the UK despite government plans to make NHS less reliant on foreign doctors

Coverage: The Sun

Our Story:  ‘DESPERATE’ NHS ‘offers EU doctors from Lithuania and Poland £90,000 to work in Britain’

Coverage: Express

Our story: Get ready for the DIY NHS: Hospitals offload sick on to families, relatives are told to carry out injections and GPs are called in to clear wards

Coverage: Mail

Our Story: Theresa May vows to push ahead with 7-day GP services to take pressure off A&E departments 

Coverage: Independent

Our Story: GPs draw up plans for patient charging

Coverage: Times

Our Story:  Charges proposed for out-of-hours GP appointments in England

Coverage: Guardian

Our Story: Now GPs want more cash to do private work on own patients: Group of senior doctors want to charge contracts so they can carry out minor surgery and injections

Coverage: Mail

Our Story: GPs seek rule change to earn private cash

Coverage: Telegraph 

Our Story: GPs make brazen bid to rake in more cash as they look to overturn ban on charging their NHS patients for private work

Coverage: Sun


Our Story:  DOCS ‘DON’T DELAY’ Anorexics must be sent straight to specialist as soon as GPs are worried – rather than waiting because ‘they’re not thin enough’

Coverage: The Sun

Our Story: Patients wait a month to see doctor in winter crisis, warns head of Royal College of GPs

Coverage: Telegraph

November 2016 

Our Story:  GPs are driving the sick to A&E because ambulances arrive too late: Patients are waiting four hours for paramedic to attend life-threatening emergencies

Coverage: Daily Mail

October 2016

Our story: Private hospital profits rise as NHS buys more services

Coverage: The Times

Our Story:  Private hospital boom as patients flee NHS crisis: Some firms have seen profits double in the last 12 months

Coverage: Mail 

Our story: GP practices closing while waiting on support promised by Jeremy Hunt

Coverage: The Mirror 

September 2016

Our story: ‘Uber-style’ private GP appointment service primed for national roll-out

Coverage: TelegraphDaily MailSouth Wales Argus

July 2016

Our story: GPs told to identify ghost patients every year in ‘disgraceful’ list cleansing drive

Coverage: BBCIndepedentThe GuardianThe SunDaily MailThe MirrorExpressHull Daily MailWirral Globe

Our Story: Two-thirds of GP referrals for child mental health lead to no treatment

Coverage: Huffington Post UKThe MirrorThe Guardian

June 2016

Our Story: LMC issues template letter for GPs to refuse firearms licence requests

Coverage: The Guardian

Our Story: Revealed: The only region in Britain where GP workload is ‘manageable’

Coverage: iPaper

Our Story: Average waiting time for GP appointment increases 30% in a year

Coverage: The Sun

Our Story: NHS looks to Poland, Spain and Romania to find new GPs

Coverage: The MirroriNews

Our Story: GP vacancy rates at highest recorded with one in eight positions unfilled

Coverage: Daily MailTelegraphDaily MailTalk Radio

May 2016

Our Story: Information Commissioner to question Capita over missing GP patient records

Coverage: Daily Mail

Our Story: GPs told to review patients at risk as IT error miscalculates CV score in thousands

Coverage: The GuardianExpressThe SunThe TimesThe Telegraph

April 2016

Our Story: NHS looking to bring in GPs from India to alleviate recruitment crisis

Coverage: The TelegraphIndepedentThe WeekThe GuardianIB TimesDaily MailThe SunPharmaTimesTechTimes 

March 2016

Our Story: Revealed: DH set to miss 5,000 new GP target by more than half

Coverage: ExpressITV NewsDaily MailThe Evening StandardThe MirrorThe Times

February 2016

Our Story: Over 100 GP trainees set for £20K ‘golden hello’ to work in areas with shortages

Coverage: The TelegraphDaily MailThe Times

Our Story: Revealed: GP training targets in doubt as applications tumble 5%

Coverage: The MirrorThe Guardian (front page), Evening Standard

Our Story: One third of GPs think NHS should stop funding IVF

Coverage: Daily MailThe Times

Our Story: Striking is just something doctors should not do

Coverage: Daily Mail

Our Story: GPs forced to diagnose mental illness in children ‘outside their competence’

Coverage: Daily MailHuffington Post UK

Our Story: Prime Minister’s GP dementia diagnosis drive increased ‘false alarms’ by 150%

Coverage: The Times

Our Story: Patients who haven’t seen GP in five years could be booted off practice lists

Coverage: The SunThe GuardianDaily MailThe TimesITV News

January 2016

Our story: GPs told to inform patients of ‘state snooping’ on sick note records

Coverage: Sunday ExpressDaily MailThe TimesThe Telegraph

Our Story: 200,000 patients displaced after rapid rise in GP surgery closures last year

Coverage: The TimesThe TelegraphDaily MailMirrorThe SunBBC Online

December 2015

Our story: Half of GPs willing to resign NHS contracts in protest at state of general practice

Coverage: Daily MailThe Telegraph

November 2015

Our story: Seven out of ten GPs back a sugar tax

Coverage: The Times, Daily Mail, City AMPAYorkshire Post,  

Our story: Practices set for visits from patient watchdog over high charges for medical letters

Coverage: Daily Mail

October 2015

Our story:  GP practices offered ‘ethically questionable’ incentives to cut urgent cancer referrals

Coverage: Daily MailTelegraph, BBC Coventry and Warwickshire, BBC Oxfordshire, BBC Radio Stoke, BBC Radio Leicester, BBC Radio Foyle, BBC Radio 4 World at One, BBC Radio 4 Today Programme, BBC Five Live, Sky, BBC Look North, ITV, BBCTelegraphChannel 5GuardianMirrorBBCDaily MailIndependentITVSkyTelegraph

Our story:  GPs to debate resignation from the NHS en masse

Coverage: Sunday Express (splash), Daily Mail

Our story: Hundreds of ‘desperate’ practices apply to close lists, but one in three is declined

Coverage: The Sun

Our story: GPs defy pressure to prescribe more statins

Coverage: TelegraphThe TimesDaily MailDaily Mail

Our story:  Seven out of ten GPs back a sugar tax

Coverage: The TimesDaily MailCity AMBTYorkshire Post

Our story: GPs must provide routine care to tourists, says new BMA guidance

Coverage: Daily Mail

Our story: Practices set for visits from patient watchdog over high charges for medical letters

Coverage: Daily Mail

September 2015

Our story: Revealed: NHS funding splashed on holidays, games consoles and summer houses

Coverage: BBC, BBC, BBC, Sky, GuardianMirror (front page), Telegraph (front page), IndependentDaily MailTimes (front page), Metro (front page), Daily StarSkyBBCThe WeekGuardianGuardian

Our story:  Appeal for donations for family of GP locum denied ‘death in service’ payment

Coverage: Daily Mail

Our story: PM’s seven-day GP access pilot scrapped after proving ‘unpopular with patients’

Coverage: BBC

Our story: GPs paid £90 an hour to deliver seven-day services

Coverage: TelegraphDaily MailMirror

Our story:  Half of PM’s seven-day GP access pilots have cut opening hours

Coverage: GuardianITVDaily MailExpressMirror, BBC

August 2015

Our story: Recruiters using seven-day working warnings to tempt GPs abroad

Coverage: Independent

Our story: Increasing number of GPs asked to refer patients to foodbanks

Coverage: BBCMirror 

July 2015

Our story: Quarter of PM’s seven-day GP access pilots have cut opening hours

Coverage: Daily Mail (front page)Telegraph

Our story: GPs face increasing restrictions as NHS rations care to save money

Coverage: Telegraph (front page nib)Daily MailIndependentExpressBBC (interview with Nigel Praities)

June 2015

Our story: More than 160,000 patients displaced by practice closures

Coverage: Independent (front page), TelegraphDaily MailThe TimesMirrorYorkshire PostThe GuardianHuffington Post

Our story: NHS overriding 700,000 patient opt-outs to GP data being shared

Coverage: The GuardianITVTelegraph(front page), ExpressSkyDaily MailExpress

Our story: PM’s seven-day GP access pilot scrapped after proving ‘unpopular with patients’

Coverage: The TimesDaily Mail

Our story: Practice list size grows by 25% in some regions causing ‘crisis areas’

Coverage: BBC (interview with Jaimie Kaffash)

Our story: Jeremy Hunt pledges £10m to support struggling practices under ‘new deal’

Coverage: BBC (interview with Nigel Praities), BBC (interview with Nigel Praities)

Our story: CCG to recruit physician associates from USA to address GP shortages

Coverage: Independent

Our story: ‘This is like a bereavement’

Coverage: Express

Our story: Revealed: The rising tide of GP burnout as NHS cuts support

Coverage: BBCITV

May 2015

Our story: Average GP appointment waiting times to hit two weeks by next year

Coverage: Daily Mail (front page), MirrorTelegraphExpress

Daily Mail front page

Our story: Revalidation identifies fewer than 1% of GPs needing remediation

Coverage: Telegraph

Our story: GPs face cap on number of vasectomy referrals

Coverage: IndependentDaily Mail

Our story: GPs to move ‘as close to salaried as possible’ under radical plan to reduce workload in Scotland

Coverage: Herald Scotland

Our story: Three-quarters of NHS 111 referrals to general practice are inappropriate

Coverage: Daily Mail

April 2015

Our story: Third of GP trainee positions remain unfilled across the UK following first round of recruitment

Coverage: TelegraphDaily Mail

Our story: Over one third of GPs ‘may retire’ within five years, warns BMA

Coverage: BBC (interview with Nigel Praities), The Times

Our story: GPs record 25% hike in dementia cases since introduction of ‘cash for diagnosis’ scheme

Coverage: Daily Mail

Our story: Physician associates ‘can do GPs’ work more cheaply’

Coverage: Daily Mail

Our story: CCGs raiding next year’s winter reserves to maintain urgent care before the election

Coverage: Telegraph

Our story: Up to 30 CCGs may face legal threat for funding homeopathy

Coverage: Telegraph

Our story: GP vacancy rate at highest ever, with 50% rise in empty posts

Coverage: TelegraphYahooDaily MailITVBBCThe Guardian

March 2015

Our story: 500% increase in GP practices asking managers for support to close surgeries

Coverage: ExpressIndependent,BBC (interview with Jaimie Kaffash)

Our story: GP practices to be paid £650 to open Easter Saturday morning

Coverage: Daily MailExpress, and also coverage on BBC Radio Coventry and Warwickshire

Our story: Hospital consultants warned after bouncing suspected cancer cases back to GPs

Coverage: TimesTelegraphDaily Mail

Our story: Older GPs’ ‘concentration goes’ after 4pm, NHS burnout guidance suggests

Coverage: TelegraphTimesBristol Post

February 2015

Our story: GPs to conduct nationality checks in all new patients under health tourism crackdown

Coverage: Daily Mail (front page), TimesTelegraphSky News

January 2015:

Our story: Majority of GPs reject NICE proposals to extend statins to millions more

Coverage: Express

Our story: GPs to be offered incentives to delay retirement under £10m strategy to solve workforce crisis

Coverage: BBC (interview with Sofia Lind)

Our story: Two-thirds of GPs disregard NICE advice to offer statins to more patients

Coverage: Daily Mail

Our story: GPs ‘bullied’ into bulk prescribing flu medicine to whole care homes without necessary testing

Coverage: Telegraph

Our story: CCG ‘donates’ practice earnings worth thousands of pounds to plug its own deficit

Coverage: BBC  (interview with Jaimie Kaffash)

Our story:Rise in A&E attendances caused by NHS 111, emergency medicine leader claims

Coverage: BBC (interview with Sofia Lind)

Our story: Stop Practice Closures  campaign

Coverage: BBC  (interview with Jaimie Kaffash)

Our story: GPs hit back at ‘incendiary’ attack on general practice by surgeon in the Daily Mail

Coverage: Mail


Our story: Hundreds of physician assistants to support GPs in £5bn plan

Coverage: Daily Mail

Our story: Global sum to rise by £7.31 per patient in 2014/15

Coverage: Daily Mail

Our story: Four in 10 GPs taking time off for burnout

Coverage: The Guardian

Our story: Urgent GP cancer referrals bounced back as hospitals try to manage demand

Coverage: Daily MailTimes


Our story: NHS England to drop ‘cash for dementia diagnoses’ scheme

Coverage: Telegraphthe GuardianMirrorExpress

Our story: GPs to be paid £55 for every dementia diagnosis under new identification scheme

Coverage: Telegraph

Our story: GPs face pressure to prescribe statins in lower-risk patients as NHS adopts 10% risk threshold

Coverage: Times

Our story: One in 20 GPs considering closing their practice by next spring

Coverage: TelegraphMirrorExpress,  Times

Our story: Two-thirds of GPs disregard NICE advice to offer statins to more patients

Coverage: Telegraph


Our story: CQC to access patient records without their permission on new GP practice inspections

Coverage: Mail Online

Our story: £100 an hour for GPs under Government flagship scheme

Coverage: The Telegraph

Our story: Confessions of a GP: I still hope my profession can beat the data-miners

Coverage: The Telegraph

Our story: GPs to be paid £55 for every dementia diagnosis under new identification scheme

Coverage: The Telegraph (Front page)GuardianMail OnlineMirrorDaily ExpressThe TimesSky NewsITV NewsHerald Scotland, Live interview with Pulse editor Nigel Praities on BBC News

Nigel on BBC News

Our story: GPs offered £200 payment for each newly diagnosed dementia patient

Coverage: Mail Online

Our story: Locum GPs can earn £3,000 in a weekend (Job ad)

Coverage: The TimesMail Online

Our story: NHS England rejects one in four requests to shrink GP catchment areas

Coverage: The TelegraphMail Online

Our story: GPs offered £200 payment for each newly diagnosed dementia patient

Coverage: Bristol Post

Our story: Two-thirds of GPs disregard NICE advice to offer statins to more patients

Coverage: Mail Online


Our story: Thousands of patients wrongly removed from practice lists as part of managers’ £85m savings drive

Coverage: Mail OnlineTelegraphThe Times

Our story: NHS England issues safety alert over fears about discharge reports

Coverage: The Telegraph

Our story: LMC forces delay in pharmacy flu vaccination plans

Coverage: The Pharmaceutical Journal

Our story: Practice list closure requests increase by 160% in three years

Coverage: The Telegraph

Our story: PM’s seven-day GP access schemes yet to start

Coverage: The IndependentMirror Online

Our story: Interview with Pulse editor Nigel Praities on Mike Parr Show regarding a practice threatened with closure (BBC Radio Tees)

Our story: Seven-day access to GPs for all patients, promises PM

Coverage: Live interview on BBC’s PM Programme with Nigel Praities on seven-day openingThe SpectatorMirror Online


Our story: One in five GPs report patient harm as mental health services struggle to cope

Coverage: Guardian

Our story: Make opt in or we will opt patients out, say GPs

Coverage: ComputerWorld UK

Our story: Half of GPs in favour of charging for routine appointments

Coverage: Express

Our story: One in five GPs report patient harm as mental health services struggle to cope

Coverage: Huffington Post

Our story: Revealed: All new GP contracts will be thrown open to private providers

Coverage: The Morning Star

Our story: Thousands of patients wrongly removed from practice lists as part of managers’ £85m savings drive

Coverage: Daily Mail, Telegraph, Times,


Our story:GPs: No confidence in community mental health service

Coverage: ITV news

Our story: Thousands of doctors planning to leave NHS to work abroad

Coverage: The TelegraphExpress,

Our story: 60 surgeries at high risk of closure

Coverage: Five News, Metro, Mirror

Our story: GPs to send ‘opt-out’ letters

Coverage: Computerworld UK

Our story: Scores more practices plan for closure as at-risk tally hits 109

Coverage: Daily Mail


Our story: GP recruitment crisis forces removal of thousands of patients from practice list

Coverage: Daily Mail

Our story: Nurses to discuss GP appointment charges

Coverage: Interview with Jaimie Kaffash

Our story: GP numbers tumble in England as recruitment crisis bites

Coverage: Guardian

Our story: Higher potency statins increase risk of diabetes

Coverage: Guardian

Our story: BBC Radio Sheffield interview with Jaimie Kaffash on the GP recruitment crisis

Our story: GPs threatened with breach of contract over ‘diverting’ calls to NHS 111

Coverage: Daily Mail

May 2014

Our story: My CQC inspection was the most unpleasant exercise of my career so far

Coverage: Guardian

Our story: Charge up to £25 for a GP visit, says influential think-tank

Coverage: Daily Mail

Our story: Two-week wait for GP appointments to become the norm in many practices ‘within a year’

Coverage: Telegraph

Our story: Two-week wait for GP appointments to become the norm in many practices ‘within a year’

Coverage:  The Express , The TelegraphYorkshire PostDaily Mail

Our story: Tens of thousands of ‘ghost patients’ wrongly removed from practice lists, GPs estimate

Coverage: The Telegraph

Our story: Majority of GPs reject NICE proposals to extend statins to millions more

Coverage:  BBC News

Our story: GP 48-hour appointment standard could be contractual requirement under Labour

Coverage: BBC Radio Tees

Our story: Top up-and-coming GPs 2013: Dr Lisa Harrod-Rothwell

Coverage:  Essex Chronicle

Our story: Top up-and-coming GPs 2013: Dr Lisa Harrod-Rothwell

Coverage:  Essex Chronicle

Our story: GP leaders to vote on whether to support patient charges for appointments

Coverage: The Daily MailThe Telegraph

April 2014

Our story: RCGP vows to take action on MRCGP failure rates after High Court ruling

Coverage: The Indepedent

March 2014

Our story: Investigation: Are we at risk of running out of GPs?

Coverage: Conservative HomeThe Express

Our story: Majority of GPs reject NICE proposals to extend statins to millions more

Coverage: Daily Mail, BBC, The Express

February 2014

Our story: One in six GPs asked to refer a patient to a food bank in the past year

Coverage: Yorkshire PostThe MirrorThe IndependentThe Belfast Telegraph

January 2014

Our story: Over 40% of GPs intend to opt themselves out of scheme

Coverage: The Telegraph, The Sun

Our story: Christmas closure row intensifies as practices vow to fight breach of contract notices

Coverage: Practice Business website

Our storyMore than two-thirds of GPs think RCGP should change stance on assisted dying

Coverage: Left Foot ForwardThe Guardian, letters,

Our story: BMA to support international doctors’ legal challenge to MRCGP exam

Coverage: OnMedica Blog

Our story: Practices closing early over Christmas served breach of contract notices

Coverage: GPs under fire over festive closing times: Surgeries where doctors left early could be shut down

Our blog: Here’s a catchphrase we can all get behind

Coverage: The Guardian: Today in Healthcare

Our story: Revealed: Independent experts overseeing have approved 31 releases of identifiable patient data since April

Coverage: Daily Independent: NHS already handing out private data on thousands of patients: Details given to universities, hospitals and watchdogs without checking for consent

Our story: Local enhanced services worth millions to be opened up to competition from April

Coverage: Health commissioning groups preparing to put certain medical services out to tender

Our story: GPs asked to refer patients to food banks

Coverage: The Mirror

October 2013

Our story: Revealed: ‘Successful’ extended hours model hailed by DH won’t begin until Christmas

Coverage: Jeremy Hunt’s plan to open surgeries late and at weekends already in disarray

September 2013

Our story: Revealed: One in five GPs on CCG boards has financial interest in a current provider

Coverage: Storm over GPs with financial stake in private firms

Our story: Revealed: Dozens of GPs quit CCG roles in first six months of commissioning amid concerns over workload

Coverage: NHS: Dozens of stressed doctors have already quit commissioning roles after just six months

August 2013

Our story: BMA begins offering private medical insurance to all staff

Coverage: Telegraph

Our story: GP practices to host internet training sessions for patients in £750k scheme to reduce health inequalities

Coverage: The Independent

Our story: Private companies set for access to patient data for just £1

Coverage: Daily MailTelegraph

Our story: GPs face prosecution unless they inform patients their data could be used outside the NHS

Coverage: The Independent

July 2013

Our story: Six in ten patients on statins ‘not at high risk’

Coverage: Daily Express

Our storyCrisis of confidence in NHS 111 as only 8% of GPs think triage is ‘safe for patients’

Coverage: ITV NewsGuardian (blog only)

Our storyHospital data breaches up 20% in a year

Coverage: ExpressDaily MailStoretecBritish Journal of Healthcare ComputingSC Magazine – other nationals as well but don’t have full list I’m afraid

Our storyHalf of GPs in favour of charging for routine appointments

Coverage: Express (splash in print), Independent (also splash in ‘i’), TelegraphTimesGuardian (plus follow-up column from Zoe Williams), Mail, – also Express and StarShropshire StarEdinburgh Evening NewsChorley CitizenCoventry TelegraphBlackburn CitizenITV NewsHuffington – I did interviews on BBC Radio Stoke, BBC Radio Coventry & Warwickshire, BBC Radio York, BBC Radio Surrey and Sussex, BBC Radio Norfolk, BBC Radio Lincolnshire, BBC Radio Merseyside, BBC Radio Kent, BBC Radio Cornwall, BBC Radio Hereford and Worcester, BBC Radio Scotland, BBC Radio Northampton and BBC London Vanessa Feltz show 

Our storyInvestigation: The GP brain drain

Coverage: Independent

Our story: Save me from the unworking well (Peverley column)

Coverage: Daily Mail

Other mentions in: 

– Could ‘good egg’ Jeremy Hunt be the saviour of the NHS? (Guardian)

Our story: Half of GPs in favour of charging for routine appointments

Subsequent coverage: Patients should pay us, say doctors (Telegraph)

Subsequent coverage: Half of GPs come out in favour of charging fee for appointments (The Times)

Subsequent coverage: GPs ‘want £25 appointment fee’ (ITV)

Subsequent coverage: £25 to see your GP: Majority of doctors want to charge patients for routine appointments (The Independent)

Subsequent coverage: Half of GPs favour appointment fee (Express and Star)

Subsequent coverage: Most GPs want to charge up to £25 for appointments: Doctors want payments to stop patients turning up ‘for no reason’ (Mail Online)

Subsequent coverage: GPs should not impose a charge for appointments (Express)

June 2013

Our story: GMC figures reveal 12% increase in doctors considering working abroad

Subsequent overage: The Independent , BBC

Our story: Leaked report casts doubt over NHS Direct’s ‘overall viability’ in wake of NHS 111 failings

Subsequent coverage: NHS knew 111 was all going wrong, leaked report reveals: How untrained staff answered calls, patients were put on hold and doctors’ warnings ignored (Mail Online)

Our story: Revealed: Half of GPs at high risk of burnout

Subsequent coverage: GPs facing ‘emotional burnout’ (Telegraph)

Our story: Seven in ten GPs would not take back out-of-hours ‘at any price’

Subsequent coverage: Most GPs would strike rather than return to out of hours duty as they demand £20,000 pay rise to work weekends (Mail Online)

May 2013

Our story: GP support for Conservatives plummets as party loses trust over health policies

Subsequent coverage: Doctors accuse Tories of ‘shafting’ them over reforms and just 19% intend to vote for them (Mirror)

Our story: Up to third of GPs raising alarm over hospital care see complaints ignored

Subsequent coverage: GPs attempts to blow whistle on poor care go unheard (Telegraph)

Our story: CCG director resigns post over workload from GP contract changes

Subsequent coverage: GPs threaten to quit commissioning to concentrate on patients (Guardian)

Our story: 22 NHS 111 serious untoward incidents reported, including three deaths

Subsequent coverage: Seven ‘potentially serious’ NHS 111 helpline incidents (BBC)

Subsequent coverage: Fears patients may have suffered harm or died due to NHS helpline failings (Guardian)

Subsequent coverage: Three deaths investigated in relation to NHS 111 (Telegraph)

Subsequent coverage: NHS 111: Three deaths probed (ITV)

Subsequent coverage: Widow: NHS 111 Helpine Failed Dying Husband (Sky)

Subsequent coverage: As crisis in NHS 111 deepens…A&E chiefs fear bank holiday meltdown (Mail Online)

Subsequent coverage: Probe into new NHS 111 advice line (Express)

April 2013

Our story: Delays, abandoned calls and an 11-hour wait for a call-back: Leaked document reveals the extent of NHS 111 performance issues

Subsequent coverage: ‘Meltdown’ in 111 helpline as calls closed in error (Telegraph)

Subsequent coverage: NHS 111 caller waited 11 hours for call back (BBC)

Subsequent coverage: Delays answering 111 NHS advice line ‘put Londoners in danger’ (London Evening Standard)

Our story: GP duty of candour undermined by ‘inappropriate’ gagging clauses in CCG constitutions

Subsequent coverage: 1,000 GPs gagged from talking about local health services (Telegraph)

March 2013

Our story: One in three senior GP commissioners disillusioned with commissioning powers

Subsequent coverage: Will clinical commissioning groups take the NHS in the right direction? (Guardian)

Subsequent coverage: Newsnight (BBC)

Our story: GMC relaxes guidance on sex with ex-patients

Subsequent coverage: Doctors to be allowed to date former patients (Telegraph)

Subsequent coverage: Green light for doctors to date former patients so long as they use their ‘professional judgement’ to decide if it is appropriate (Mail Online)

February 2013

Our storyRevealed: Genuine patients kicked off practice lists in ‘heavy-handed’ validation drives

Subsequent coverage: Up to 25,000 patients wrongly struck off GP lists as part of cost-cutting drive (Mail Online)

Subsequent coverage: Thousands of patients wrongly removed from GP lists (OnMedica)

Our story: GPs ‘will walk’ if ministers do not reword competition rules, says commissioning leader

Subsequent coverage: GP leaders urge rethink over health service compeition (Guardian)

Subsequent coverage: GPs will desert if rules on competition in NHS are not changed, warns reform doctor (Telegraph)

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January 2013

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