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PPI-clopidogrel co-prescribing ‘has no effect on mortality’

The largest systematic review of interactions between proton pump inhibitors and clopidogrel has concluded that co-prescribing the two drugs does not increase mortality in patients at risk of heart attacks and strokes.

15 April 2010

GP-led weight management programme is ‘highly cost-effective’

A primary care weight management programme can help obese patients reduce their weight and is highly cost effective, according to an analysis by leading UK obesity researchers.

15 April 2010

Off-message GP confronts PM on cancer pledge

A GP has generated national headlines after challenging the Prime Minister to his face on Labour’s pledge for a one-week wait for cancer diagnostics.

15 April 2010

Sunday opening ‘will fragment care’ warns Meldrum

The BMA has issued a lukewarm response to the Conservative Party manifesto pledge for patients to have access to a local GP seven days a week, warning it will fragment patient care.

15 April 2010

Private firms push for NHS pensions

Exclusive: Private companies are lobbying ministers to allow them to offer NHS pensions to GPs at Darzi centres and APMS practices, Pulse can reveal.

14 April 2010

Atorvastatin use worsens blood glucose control

Atorvastatin may worsen some measures of blood glucose control, according to a US randomised controlled trial.

14 April 2010

Antipsychotics linked to raised risk of pneumonia

Prescribing antipsychotic drugs in elderly patients is associated with a dose-dependent risk of community-acquired pneumonia, Dutch research shows.

14 April 2010

NAPC offers legal support to PMS practices

The National Association of Primary Care has offered to fund a legal test case against NHS managers aiming to unilaterally alter PMS contracts

14 April 2010

GPs face sanctions as scorecards go national

Exclusive: GP practices across the country are facing a series of punitive measures including suspension of contracts and threat of closure as PCTs escalate their use of controversial traffic-light ratings.

14 April 2010

GPs rally against public sector cuts

Thousands of GPs and NHS workers gathered in London over the weekend to protest against public sector cuts.

13 April 2010