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Asthma inhaler discontinued

GPs are being advised to review their asthma patients’ prescriptions after drug firm Teva said the inhaler Beclazone would no longer be available.

16 February 2010

CQC calls for caseload shift into primary care

The Care Quality Commission has identified the need for a huge shift of care out of hospitals and into primary care to generate cash savings.

16 February 2010

GP assessment of breast lumps has low specificity

The specificity of GP assessments of breast lumps is low, according to a UK study which is the first to compare the accuracy of women and GPs in detecting true breast cancer lumps.

16 February 2010

GPs told to ignore choice and refer to Care UK services

Exclusive: GPs are being told to refer thousands of patients to the private sector to bail out a Government scheme to outsource services from hospitals, Pulse can reveal.

16 February 2010

Row over Darzi centre ‘paid five times as much per consultation’

GPs have become embroiled in a bitter row over claims Darzi centre consultations are costing the NHS five times more per consultation than those at standard practices.

16 February 2010

Waist measure reliable in different ethnic groups

Waist circumference is an accurate predictor of metabolic syndrome in both white and south Asian patients, say UK GP researchers.

15 February 2010

Nottingham eczema severity score

The Nottingham eczema severity score provides an simple, objective assessment of the clinical severity of atopic eczema.

15 February 2010

NICE draft appraisal approves liraglutide for type 2 diabetes

NICE has recommended liraglutide as an alternative to insulin in obese patients with uncontrolled glucose levels.

15 February 2010

Figures reveal thousands of assaults on GPs and staff

There were nearly 3,500 assaults on GPs and primary care staff recorded last year, according to the latest Department of Health figures.

15 February 2010

GPs advised against urine test for UTIs

GPs are being advised against the routine use of midstream urine test for women with uncomplicated urinary tract infections, after research found it did not improve symptom control but was the most expensive of five treatment strategies.

12 February 2010