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Government to trial GP health checks for patients with autism

A trial of health checks in GP practices are among

21 July 2021

BMA urges health secretary to address ‘micromanagement’ of GPs by NHS England

The BMA has written to the new health secretary Sajid

21 July 2021

NHSE withdraws controversial Covid operating procedures for GP practices

NHS England has withdrawn its controversial standard operating procedure for

21 July 2021

New Covid variant symptoms not set to prompt Government guidance update

Exclusive The Government has indicated that it has no current

21 July 2021

JCVI: MMR jabs may need to be offered in schools to catch up from Covid disruption

Routine child immunisations usually carried out by GP practices –

20 July 2021

GP pension ‘scheme pays’ deadlines extended by HMRC

Tax chiefs have agreed to further extend deadlines for individuals

20 July 2021

Extra Pfizer jabs ordered to vaccinate more than 370,000 children

The Government has ordered additional doses of the Pfizer jab

20 July 2021

GPs must be ‘fully engaged’ with patient data-extraction scheme, says data guardian

GPs need to be at the forefront of revised proposals

20 July 2021

Government further postpones GP data collection scheme after backlash

The controversial mass collection of patient data will be delayed

20 July 2021

GPs to identify vulnerable 12-15-year-olds for Covid vaccination

Children aged 12-15 who are deemed at ‘increased risk of

19 July 2021