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#IamHadiza: GPs share stories of when it could have been them

‘A sodium chloride drip would probably have saved him’ 


‘A colleague told me they happened to have checked a patient’s notes for something and they realised I had forgotten to send a 2 week wait urgent cancer referral form’ 


‘I inexplicably sent him to a medical rather than a surgical ward where he almost exsanguinated… he survived, no thanks to me’ 


‘I will never forget the scream from his daughter as he arrested in front of her in a cubicle’ 


‘I agreed it was a viral rash. The patient was later admitted with meningococcal septicaemia’ 


‘I diagnosed probable chest infection. Later that evening he was admitted with heart failure due to a myocardial infarction’ 


‘The list was unrelenting. And I overdosed a baby with antibiotics’ 


‘A baby on special care did not have blood results monitored properly and when eventually checked the bilirubin level was found to be extremely high’ 


‘A series of clinical errors involving several clinicians, together with the pressure of inadequate staffing levels leading to rushed care, had resulted in an avoidable death. It haunts me to this day’ 


‘A&E wanted the drunk patient out. After sobering up in the morning, the patient still had focal neurology. An MRI scan revealed a spinal cord lesion’ 


‘I was suturing up an episiotomy only having seen one done before. The stitches fell apart the next day’


‘She had had serious type 1 reactions before and this incorrect information could have led to her death’