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#IamHadiza: Pulse front cover shows GP solidarity with Dr Bawa-Garba

Please share this image on social media using the #IamHadiza hashtag or leave a comment below to show your support for Dr Bawa-Garba

 bawa garba march cover 580x731px

bawa garba march cover 580x731px

Many thanks to the following 141 GPs who gave their permission for us to use their portrait:

Dr Shahbaz Afzal

Dr Sajad Ahmad

Dr Iffat Ali

Dr Mehreen Ali

Dr Shailendra Allen

Dr Julia Andersen

Dr Jackie Applebee

Dr Alison Arnott

Dr Fiona Ballantyne

Dr Karen Barwise

Dr Alice Bayford

Dr Kate Berry

Dr Alison Best

Dr Subhash Bhatt

Dr Naureen Bhatti

Dr Manjiri Bodhe

Dr Jane Boskovic

Dr Katie Bramall-Stainer

Dr Sam Browning

Dr Edoardo Cervoni

Dr Claire Chambers

Dr Kailash Chand

Dr Padma Chennubhotla

Dr Bikram Choudhary

Dr David Church

Dr Eva Clemente

Dr Rebecca Coles

Dr Barbara Compitus

Dr Josephine Connaughton

Dr John Cosgrove

Dr James Courts

Dr Heather Cowie

Dr Adrienne Crockett

Dr Anna Crow

Dr Hannah Dakin

Dr Louise Davies

Dr Raquel Delgado

Dr Pete Deveson

Dr Ben Douglas

Dr Daniel Ellis

Dr Mina Endeley

Dr Sam Everington

Dr Abdul Farooq

Dr Anna Ferguson

Dr Malcolm Flasz

Dr Elinor Flatman

Dr Samantha Gittins

Dr Vesna Gjorgjievska-Marsh

Dr AR Gleave

Dr Jessica Harris

Dr Susi Harris

Dr Marcus Hatch

Dr Stephen Hayes

Dr Alice Hodkinson

Dr Renee Hoenderkamp

Dr Richard Holman

Dr Keith Hopcroft

Dr Karen Hutchinson

Dr Grant Ingrams

Dr Helen Johnson

Dr Vijaya Joshi

Dr Ameen Kamlana

Dr Liz Keller

Dr Fiona Kinnon

Dr David Kynaston

Dr Victoria Lamb

Dr Paul Leach

Dr Werner Lerber

Dr Caroline Lockley

Dr Fiona Lopez

Dr Jeremy Luke

Dr Tom MacNae

Dr Eithne MacRae

Dr Mark Mazarelo

Dr Domine McConnell

Dr Helena McKeown

Dr Harry Minas

Dr Wai Ming Tang

Dr Molly Moffat

Dr Amanda Molloy

Dr Antonia Moore

Dr Julian Moore

Dr Catherine O’Neill

Dr Patrick O’Neill

Dr Shaba Nabi

Dr Monir Naroee

Dr Roger Neal

Dr Zoe Norris

Dr Smile Paliath

Dr Paul Park

Dr Gerald Paton

Dr Ruth Pennington

Dr Shagufta Perveen

Dr Philip Peverley

Dr Jayshree Pillaye

Dr Guy Pilsworth

Dr Simon Piper

Dr Albert Poon

Dr Simon Ramsbotham

Dr Asma Raut

Dr Claire Raw

Dr Nathalie Rebora

Dr Trefor Roscoe

Dr Thomas Round

Dr Heather Ryan

Dr Ravleen Sabharwal

Dr Sadia Saeed

Dr Rukhsana Salim

Dr Andrew Savage

Dr William Scullion

Dr Mohammed Shafiq

Dr Fakharunisa Shah

Dr Preeti Shukla

Dr Hina Qamar Siddiqi

Dr M Sira

Dr Meera Smethurst

Dr Val Sprague

Dr Winnie Stack

Dr Kate Staveley

Dr Peter Swinyard

Dr Anne Thompson

Dr Sara Thompson

Dr Russell Thorpe

Dr Linda Thurlow-White

Dr Rachel Tilley

Dr Junaid Tipu

Dr David Turner

Dr Sharif Uddin

Dr Akan Ukpong

Dr Teresa Uscategui

Dr Pippa Vincent

Dr Sumit Virmani

Dr Andrea Wallace

Dr Joanna Wallace

Dr Caroline Ward

Dr Sally Whale

Dr Paul Williams

Dr Roy Williams

Dr Ruth Wilson

Dr David Wrigley

Please share this image on social media using the #IamHadiza hashtag or leave a comment below to show your support for Dr Bawa-Garba


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