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NHS England’s ten-point plan for GP workforce

  1. A marketing campaign including a letter to all newly qualified doctors setting out positive aspects and future careers in general practice
  2. Offering GP trainees an additional ‘flexible’ year of training where they can train in a special interest, get an MBA in leadership skills or another academic pursuit
  3. Setting up ‘training hubs’ for GP practice staff to extend their skills
  4. A time-limited incentive scheme for GP trainees committing to work in an under-doctored area for at least three years, including financial support
  5. Reviewing current retainer schemes and investing in a new national scheme
  6. Offer premises funding to training practices focused on the agenda of transferring care into community settings
  7. Reviewing how to incentivise experienced GPs to remain in practice, for examples via a funded mentorship scheme or offer portfolio careers
  8. Piloting new general practice support staff to take workload off GPs, such as physician associates, medical assistants, clinical pharmacists and advanced practitioners (including nursing staff)
  9. Making it easer to return to practice after working overseas or taking a career break, via a new clearer induction and returner scheme
  10. Offering financial incentives to returners opting to go work in under-doctored areas and reviewing the value of the performers list in its current form

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