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Big Interviews

Jeremy Hunt at Pulse Live: ‘If I was a doctor, I’d want to be a GP’

Jaimie Kaffash, editor of Pulse: The first question is I

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Matt Hancock: ‘Things are moving in the right direction’

Pulse editor Jaimie Kaffash grills the health secretary on why his plans for general practice will produce different results this time round

Jonathan Ashworth: ‘It will take time to resolve pressures in general practice’

Jaimie Kaffash asks the shadow health secretary about his plans for tackling the issues facing general practice

‘We want the CQC to be seen as a critical friend’

The CQC’s new chief inspector of primary care lays out her plans in the role

Interview: RCGP chair-elect Professor Martin Marshall

RCGP chair-elect Professor Martin Marshall will take over the role

Dr Susan Hopkins: ‘We want GPs to educate patients about antibiotics’

Public Health England wants GPs to engage patients about cutting antibiotic usage – and will be providing more support to help them decide when it is appropriate to change prescriptions, Dr Susan Hopkins tells Ellie Philpotts

Dr Nikita Kanani: ‘This contract provides the beginning of a response’

Dr Nikita Kanani tells Jaimie Kaffash the new contract is the first step in tackling the crisis in general practice

In full: Pulse’s Q&A with Matt Hancock

Health secretary Matt Hancock is grilled by Jaimie Kaffash on his approach to primary care, recruitment and NHS pensions.

‘I didn’t anticipate the degree of outcry’ – Part two of our Charlie Massey interview

Part two of Pulse’s interview with Charlie Massey at Pulse LIVE. For part one, see here

‘We are sorry for the impact the Bawa-Garba case has had on the profession’

Part one of Pulse’s interview with GMC chair Charlie Massey at Pulse LIVE

Dr Rangan Chatterjee: ‘Medicine is missing the big picture’

 The star of the BBC’s Doctor in the House on why GPs should practise ‘lifestyle medicine’

The biggest Big Interviews of 2017

Pulse presents the interviews of 2017 that got GPs talking

‘I want GPs to know they are valued’

Head of NHS Scotland speaks to  Pulse