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Issue archive

February 2018: The Great GP Escape

Pulse looks at the how the rise in early GP retirements is scuppering plans to boost GP numbers

December 2017: A new contract is born

Pulse looks in detail at the new GP contract proposed in Scotland, the ups (and downs) of 2017 and key questions on anticoagulation

November 2017: Left out in the cold

Pulse asks where GPs’ winter bailout is, looks at the doubts over the state indemnity scheme and answers key questions on antibiotics

Pulse magazine: July 2016

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Pulse magazine: June 2016

In this issue of Pulse, health secretary Jeremy Hunt answers questions on his approach to general practice

Pulse magazine: May 2016

In this issue of Pulse, we examine what NHS England’s General Practice Forward View means for GPs 

Pulse magazine: April 2016

In this issue of Pulse, our investigation finds that the prescribing of vitamin D has soared by 40% – meanwhile Government advisers have claimed everyone needs the boost 

Pulse magazine: March 2016

Following health secretary Jeremy Hunt’s imposition of the new junior doctor contract, we reveal what he has got planned for GPs 

Pulse magazine: February issue

In this issue of Pulse, we look in detail at the NHS’ rescue bid for struggling practices, and whether it will go far enough in slowing down the closure crisis 

Pulse magazine: January 2016

In this month’s issue of Pulse, we reveal how grassroot GPs are expected to demand a change in tack from the GPC 

Pulse magazine: December 2015

In this issue of Pulse, we reveal the huge uncertainty over the Prime Minister’s flagship election pledge to extend GP hours    

Pulse magazine: November 2015

In this issue of Pulse, we reveal how statin prescriptions have barely changed since NICE lowered primary prevention threshold

Pulse magazine: October 2015

In this month’s issue of Pulse, we reveal how practices are being offered financial incentives to refer fewer patients for specialist care, including those with suspected cancer