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Psoriasis increases diabetes risk ‘by a third’

Patients with psoriasis have a 30% increased risk of developing diabetes, according to a new analysis.

US researchers included 27 observational studies that compared the risk of diabetes in psoriasis patients compared with match controls without psoriasis.

The meta-analysis included a total of 4,942,271 patients and found that patients with psoriasis had a 27% increased risk of developing diabetes compared with patients without psoriasis.

Those younger than 60 years had a 26% increased risk compared with those without psoriasis, but those older than 60 had a 9% decrease in risk compared with non-psoriatic patients.

Mild psoriasis was associated with a 53% increased risk of diabetes, while severe psoriasis almost doubled the risk, when compared with those without psoriasis.

The researchers at the University of California concluded: ‘These studies suggest that psoriasis is associated with a 59% increased prevalence of diabetes and a 27% increased risk of developing diabetes among patients with psoriasis.

‘Patients with psoriasis, especially those with severe psoriasis, should be educated about the increased risk of developing diabetes.’

Archives of Dermatology 2012, available online 15 October