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Clinical conference round-up

By Lilian Anekwe

Our update on the latest research being presented at medical conferences.

Inter-arm BP variation linked to PVD in diabetes

An inter-arm difference in systolic blood pressure of ?10mmHg is associated with an increased risk of peripheral vascular disease in people with diabetes according to a study which found self-reported PVD was present in 11.5% of people with such a difference and 1.5% of people without.

Diabetes UK annual professional conference, poster abstract no 28

Urine dye can predict and diagnose pre-eclampsia

A simple urine test can rapidly predict and diagnose preeclampsia by identifying an elevated excretion of proteins using a dye called Congo red. A study of 347 pregnant women in the US found Congo red retention levels predicted preeclampsia significantly more accurately than urine protein tests, and in less than 15 minutes.

Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine 30th Annual Meeting. Abstract 20.

Spinal cord stimulation relieves abdominal pain

Spinal cord stimulation (SCS) can relieve abdominal pain in patients with chronic pancreatitis, according to one of the first long-term studies of patients with the condition.

A retrospective study of 30 patients with chronic pancreatitis found 24 reported at least a 50% reduction in pain on completion of the trials, with an average length of treatment of 9 days.

In 20 patients followed for one year, daily opioid use fell from a morphine-equivalent of about 125 mg at baseline to less than 50 mg.

American Academy of Pain Medicine 26th Annual Meeting. Abstract 123.


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