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CPD: Hot topics in prescribing – part 2

Learning Objectives

This module will take you through some hot topics in the area of prescribing, including:

  • The guidance on treating coughs and colds
  • When to prescribe OTC medication
  • Prescribing pregabalin


Dr Toni Hazell is a GP in North London

Case study 1 – Miss A

Miss A is a two-year-old girl who is brought in by her mother as she has a runny nose and a cough. You notice that this is the seventh such presentation in the last year and that each time she has been given appropriate advice for a viral upper respiratory tract infection and a prescription for paracetamol. Examining Miss A there is nothing of concern to find and you explain, again, about the self-limiting nature of viral infections. Before she leaves, Miss A’s mother asks you for a prescription of paracetamol. You explain that it is available over the counter and she looks surprised to be asked to buy it, asking why she can’t have a prescription, which would be free, given that she pays her taxes. You feel that the phrase ‘and I pay your salary’ may not be far from her lips.

Which of the following is true about the prescribing of medicines that are available over the counter?

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