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Feverish illness in children – Guideline debrief (1.5 CPD hours)


Full CPD module


To improve your knowledge of the updated NICE guidance on feverishness in children under five including:

  • appropriate measurement of fever
  • In a child presenting with fever, identification of clinical signs and symptoms  that help to predict the potential cause and severity of the child’s illness
  • The changes to NICE’s traffic-light system for assessing risk, including the addition of tachycardia as an intermediate (amber) risk sign
  • The appropriate use of antipyretic agents in line with the updated guidance
  • The appropriate referral to a specialist paediatric setting where symptoms and signs suggest a serious underlying illness

In this interactive module, you will learn as you work through real-life primary care patient scenarios. You will be assessed before starting the module and again at the end, to gauge how your knowledge has improved.

Remember, you don’t have to complete the whole module in one sitting. You can break off at any point mid-module and pick up again where you left off by pressing the Resume Module button alongside the module title in your Pulse Learning CPD log.