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Key questions on managing the menopause (1.5 CPD hours)

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Consultant gynaecologist Mr Peter Bowen-Simpkins answers questions from GP Dr Pam Brown on managing the menopause in primary care.

Learning objectives

This module will discuss how to manage symptoms and problems associated with the menopause, including issues such as:

  • Prescribing HRT in early menopausal women
  • Considering a family history of breast cancer before prescribing HRT
  • Using raloxifene to prevent the progression of osteoporosis
  • Managing menopausal hot flushes using drugs such as clonidine, gabapentin or progestogens
  • Advising patients on herbal remedies to help manage menopausal symptoms
  • Managing postmenopausal loss of libido, for example using testosterone therapy

This module was first published on 4 February 2011 and was up to date with all key guidelines and evidence at that point. It will be reviewed as part of our routine update cycle by 4 February 2013 but will be updated sooner to reflect any key guideline changes.


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