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Top tips for getting the most out of your appraisal (1 CPD hour)


Full CPD module


This module will provide you with advice on:

  • Identifying the aspects of appraisal that are opportunities for a GP’s career development
  • The basic requirements for appraisal
  • Appropriate patient and multisource feedback tools
  • The most authoritative sources on the details of appraisal and revalidation
  • Specific tips on the six elements of supportive evidence required 

After reading these articles you will be asked to record your learning points and some action points to earn a suggested 1 CPD credit. Below are some suggested questions to reflect on as you work through the module:

1. Take a look at your last appraisal. Is there any way you could have maximised its potential to develop your career?

2. You should know your revalidation date by now. Do you know how many elements required once during the five- year cycle you have already completed?

3. Would you be comfortable talking about stress related to your work to your appraiser?

4. If asked- would you be able to detail and justify the proportion of CPD credits from different sources: meetings, online learning, reading etc.

5. Can you describe how your CPD was chosen to meet your specific learning needs?

6. If you’re a partner, are you confident you know enough about the practice’s accounts to answer possible questions on probity?