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How long should we expect patients to have cough for after Covid-19 infection?

UCLH Respiratory team advice

This information is sourced from Dr Melissa Heightman, Respiratory Consultant, University College London Hospital (UCLH)

Q. For patients who have had Covid-19 and have been treated in the community, how long would you expect them to have ongoing cough for?

A. Post viral cough is traditionally said to last for 6-8 weeks but you need to consider the usual causes of cough (GORD/ post nasal drip) or asthma exacerbated by the infection (look for PEFR variability on a home diary)

Q. Is there anything we can prescribe/advice we can give to help patients with post viral respiratory symptoms eg. salbutamol?

A. We wouldn’t typically prescribe inhaled therapy for post viral cough unless there are asthma features