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How should I write a support letter for housing during the pandemic?

Advice from a specialist GP in homeless healthcare

This information is sourced from Dr Dana Beale, Specialist GP and joint homeless health lead, North West London

Q. I’ve been asked to write a support letter for housing for my homeless patient. What should I include and what assertions do I need to make about their vulnerability?

A.  Housing support letters have existed since long before Covid-19. However, it is useful now to think of them from two aspects;

  • what medical conditions might make them more vulnerable than the ‘average person facing homelessness’
  • what conditions might make them more vulnerable to Covid-19 (e.g. if they were to move into crowded accommodation with high numbers using shared facilities)

The attached template letter gives a brief outline of what you might include, as well as the standard phrase used to help determine medical vulnerability/priority need for housing

Sometimes it may not feel possible to make a judgement about their vulnerability compared to the ‘average person’ – simply then produce a ‘statement of fact’ medical letter without this phrase. If no Covid-related vulnerabilities again the phrase regarding this can be removed

Suggested GP template letter for housing.docx