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Covid-19 Primary Care Resources

Infection Control

Advice on wearing PPE for the public Testing, Trials and Research

Revised UK and WHO guidance: education on proper use is critical

PPE for primary care

Guidance for healthcare workers; modifications to mask wearing can substantially reduce Covid-19 exposure

Patient adherence to mask wearing Staff Support

Guidance for when patients decline to wear masks


An updated summary of current guidance; most infections are spread through close contact

Face Covering Exemptions

Criteria, cards and badges

Assessing the risk of common daily activities in the community Isolation and Social Distancing

A useful chart for managing patient questions about levels of exposure

Guidance on personal risk for doctors during the Covid pandemic Staff Support

Recognising professional and personal limits, and how to access guidance and support

Covid-19 is a notifiable disease

GPs need to notify the local health protection team of suspected cases

Hand Hygiene

British Association of Dermatologists advice on hand care and PPE related dermatitis

PPE shortages and crowdfunding Staff Support

If you cannot obtain PPE through official channels, you may want to request this from volunteers

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) Triage and Treatment

There is a lack of agreement regarding whether CPR is an aerosol generating procedure

Putting on PPE – Donning

Put on your PPE before you enter the room where the patient is

Taking off PPE – Doffing

Doffing carefully is key to minimising self-contamination