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Covid-19 Primary Care Resources

Hand Hygiene

British Association of Dermatologists advice on hand care and PPE related dermatitis

This information is sourced from the BMAPHE and the CDC:

  • Hand hygiene is the single most important protective measure you can take
  • Washing mechanically removes pathogens
  • Alcohol-based hand sanitisers inactivate viruses
  • Hand hygiene should extend to include washing of exposed forearms

This information is sourced from the British Association of Dermatologists (BAD):

Care of the hands:

  • Hand sanitiser gel may be less irritating than sanitiser foam
  • Dermol 500 and Stellisept lotion as handwashes are not effective in deactivating coronavirus
  • Skincare products containing benzalkonium chloride may induce an additional irritant effect with repeated and prolonged use
  • Patting the hands dry, rather than rubbing, is recommended
  • Frequent application of emollient after each handwashing can help to mitigate the irritant effects of handwashing, alcohol gel and prolonged glove-wearing
  • Emollient should also be applied frequently when not at work
  • The ‘best’ moisturiser is the one which feels is most comfortable on the skin
  • Gloves should be worn when using surface wipes
  • Wearing two pairs of gloves and only removing the outer set to handwash between patients may provide some protection from hand dermatitis (please note this is not in line with PHE infection prevention and control recommendations – see PPE for primary care)

The BAD also gives advice on other PPE related dermatitis