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Putting on PPE – Donning

Put on your PPE before you enter the room where the patient is

This information is sourced from PHE:

This guidance relates to the recommended PPE for primary care for non aerosol generating procedures 

Take off your jewellery, tie back your hair and check the size is right before you put it on

Take the following steps:

  1. Clean hands
  2. Apron: Tie at waist then neck
  3. Facemask: Upper straps on crown, lower straps on nape of neck, mould over bridge of nose and extend down to cover chin
  4. Eye protection
  5. Gloves

Please see the first 3 minutes of the PHE video for a detailed description of donning


  • Surgical face masks and eye protection can be used for a clinical session (unless soiled or damaged)
  • Gloves and aprons must be changed between patients
  • Keep hands away from face and PPE being worn
  • Change gloves when torn or heavily contaminated
  • Limit surfaces touched in patient environment
  • Regularly perform hand hygiene
  • Always clean hands after removing gloves