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Taking off PPE – Doffing

Doffing carefully is key to minimising self-contamination

This information is sourced from PHE:

REMEMBER that THE OUTSIDE of PPE will/may be contaminated

Please see the last 3 minutes of the PHE video for a detailed description of doffing

Take the following steps INSIDE the clinical room:

  1. Gloves: remove ( second glove from inside)
  2. Clean hands
  3. Apron: Break neck ties/fold down, then waist ties and fold in and discard
  4. Discard eye protection
  5. Clean hands

Take the following steps OUTSIDE the clinical room:

  1. Face mask: lean forward, remove bottom ties then top ties then discard
  2. Clean hands
  3. If you are wearing glasses take them off and clean them with a surgical wipe and clean your hands before putting them back on
  4. Dispose of all PPE as infectious clinical waste


  • Surgical face masks and eye protection can be used for a clinical session (unless soiled or damaged)
  • Gloves and aprons must be changed between patients
  • Keep hands away from face and PPE being worn
  • change gloves when torn or heavily contaminated
  • limit surfaces touched in patient environment
  • regularly perform hand hygiene
  • always clean hands after removing gloves