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Q. How can we best care for patients with cardiac conditions during the pandemic?

Advice from a Consultant Cardiologist

This information is sourced from Dr Amit Bhan, Consultant Cardiologist

Q. How can we best care for patients with cardiac conditions during the pandemic?


  • One of the most important factors is awareness of the heightened vulnerability of such patients.  Continued optimisation and management of risk factors is advised in order to reduce risk as much as possible.  Appropriate advice should be given regarding isolation/shielding
  • Preventative medications should be continued, unless cessation recommended by the patient’s cardiologist. Early in the human experience of the disease there was concern regarding safety of ACE inhibitors and ARBs.  Subsequent research has shown this not likely to be an issue and the general guidance is for such medication to be continued in an otherwise stable patient
  • Telemedicine should be used for consultations when possible, but it is important to remember that care for urgent conditions should not be delayed because of infection concerns. For example, referrals for assessment for possible acute coronary syndromes or arrythmias (in particular those that may require pacemaker implantation) should be made as they would usually

Dr Amit Bhan is talking at a GP education webinar on Tuesday 3rd November at 6.30 pm on structural heart disease. See link for agenda and booking details.

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